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The Next Level of Protection That Hard Working Feet Deserve

Jun 05, 2017

Leather, suede, nylon, canvas, waterproof sealed seems, plastic, metal, and rubber; the list of traditional boot materials goes on. We, at ALTAI™ realized that for the hardest working feet in the world, these materials just won’t make the cut.  And here’s why.

Suede, leather, and other animal skin or faux version has a relatively delicate surface texture. A quick scuff against a cement block or an unexpected tangle with a thorn bush are kinds of activities that put that brand new “pristineness” out of a new boot in an instant. Overtime, thousands of little scuffs and scrapes add up to eventual boot failure. Seems like a waste: we want to build a stronger boot.

It’s just one of the reasons our boots are all made with SuperFabric® materials for the upper construction. SuperFabric® is made of tiny guard plates covering the boot, deflecting rock, ice…. Whatever you throw at it. In fact, many motorcycle gear makers use the same material in their protective gear. SuperFabric® creates a protective barrier between the pavement and a rider, especially in the event of a crash that causes the rider to slide across the road. A material that can save a motorcyclist’s life; we decided that hard working feet deserve that level of protection, too.

And like we always say, don’t take our word for it; take our real-world reviewers’ words. Watch as Ghosthawk Prepper demos what happens when a machete and box cutter meet our boots.

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