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The ALTAI™ Lacing System: the secure, “knot-complicated” solution

Jan 01, 1970

Summer is here and an outdoor adventure of every kind is just around the corner; which usually means terrain of every kind. You may have heard of a variety of techniques for improving your exploring footwear by applying an array of different knots and tying techniques that can help, but we at ALTAI™ decided to build a boot that doesn’t require the ‘knot encyclopedia’ to feel secure, every step of the way.

The Heel Lock, the Granny knot, the Low Cut Heel Lock… the list goes on. But whether it’s a tactical boot, boot for hiking, or just general work footwear, we believe each boots’ lacing system should be as easy to tie as the day you learned how to tie your shoes. With our sausage link laces, each ALTAI™ boots’ laces are already optimally fashioned for maximum comfort and a secure fit for every kind of mission.

You don’t need fancy knots or sailor-like tying abilities with our boots: if you’re headed to boot camp, you’ve got bigger things to worry about. Every boot laces up exactly how you think it should and viola, you’re all ready to hit the trail and conquer the day. Watch as Leo demonstrates how quick and easy our lacing system is:

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