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Jul 25, 2017


From law enforcement professional to outdoor enthusiast… in one pair of boots.

We have a belief at ALTAI™ that law enforcement officers are some of the hardest working people in the world; not to mention, their feet. From chasing criminals to walking long nights on patrol, these men and women have to think fast on their feet and have the footwear to match.

Light weight is a top priority when 10k steps a day is a walk in the park for you. Every step matters so our original design was inspired to keep hard working feet going all day long. A boot that feels like they’re hardly there means moving with less added effort, increasing potential of long-term injury, common with lugging around in heavy boots.

On average, our boots are approximately 5 ounces lighter than the average tactical boot. Anything heavier can really add up over any amount of long distance. With that in mind, if you’re the grueling hiker, you will benefit in the same way law enforcement professionals do with the MFT100. Let’s face it, you probably already have gear weighing you down on the trail so anywhere you can cut weight is a huge benefit to your overall experience.

If you’re into gear that’s just as multi-functional as you are, it’s time to upgrade to the ALTAI™ Experience; one boot to do it all.

Learn more about the ALTAI™ MFT100.



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