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Tactical Footwear For Women

Feb 11, 2015

Tactical Boots for WomenWomen prove every day that they can keep up with their male counterparts when on the job. They do much of the same kinds of demanding work and require the same level of foot protection when on duty as a First Responder, Law Enforcement Officer, Military Personnel or Hiking rugged terrain. ALTAI™ MF Tactical Footwear is available in sizes that fit and protect a woman’s foot. Our footwear is engineered for all-day comfort and superior protection from elements you encounter while at work or play. The Lightweight Materials have waterproofing technology that allows them to be very breathable and durable.

What Women Want In A Tactical Boot

A woman wants her footwear to be Comfortable, Durable and Protective when she is engaging in demanding activities.

  • Lightweight to fend off foot fatigue
  • Breathable materials that keep her feet dry in hot climates
  • Shock Absorbing on pavement
  • Stability on rugged terrain
  • Protection from abrasions, cuts and stains
  • Slip resistant on a smooth surface
  • Long lasting Durability that can hold up when the road gets tough
  • Water resistant when trudging through the snow, rain and marsh
  • Speed lacing system that holds for hours
  • Professional appearance
  • Traction that enables her to climb a steep trail
  • Comfort that lasts all day long

Superior Protection

Anyone who spends considerable time in the great outdoors knows that you need protective gear that you can count on. ALTAI™ MF Tactical Footwear has amazing qualities that provide Superior Protection from extreme conditions. Our footwear was specially designed for law enforcement officers who spend hours on their feet and have to ready for anything.

Versatile Applications

Our engineers utilized SuperFabric® materials for a level of protection that can’t be beat. This revolutionary textile has tiny armored plates adhered to a breathable fabric. Waterproofing technology is added to make our tactical boots suitable for versatile applications.

Multiple Sizes Available

ALTAI™ MF Tactical Footwear provides Superior Protection in versatile applications. They are engineered for protection, durability and all-day comfort in the most extreme conditions. Our multifunctional tactical boots utilize Lightweight, Breathable materials and durable construction. Women should order 1.5 size smaller to convert to Men’s sizing. For example, a Woman size 8.5 would order boots in a size 7.

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