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Tactical Footwear for Men & Women

Aug 14, 2016

Protective Tactical FootwearThe Tactical Footwear you wear has to be as tough as you, or you’ll be the one wearing the scars to show for it. ALTAI™ has designed a line of Tactical Footwear for Men & Women that will outperform your expectations. Our tactical boots work well for those in Law Enforcement, the Military, anyone who finds themselves Outdoors, Hiking, within Wet Terrain, on Desert Sand, conquering Rocky Lands and any place in-between. Whether you plan to wear these boots on duty, in your back yard, or across the world – they are ready, straight out of the box. Don’t believe me? Drive to one of our Midwest Retails Stores in Minnesota and Wisconsin or Buy Tactical Boots Online and shipping is on us!

Tactical Footwear for Men & Women

Here at ALTAI™ we are an open book. If you have a question about our boots – before or after you purchase them –  we will have an answer for you. For those of you who enjoy privately browsing, read through our FAQ Page and don’t forget to check out our testimonials. We are everything we claim to be and nothing we are not. We believe our boot is worth a try and so do many others.

  • Tactical BootOur Tactical Approach to designing this boot went back to the basics. In order to construct something solid, the foundation must first be secure. Which is why we selected a VIBRAM Out Sole because there’s nobody that does a rugged sole much like VIBRAM.
  • Then we added the cushioning support of EVA, the same materials used in sport and basketball shoes, it also acts as added protection under your feet.
  • And last but not least, our newest tactical boot versions feature SUPERFABRIC throughout the entire boot. Our original tactical boot also features a presentable leather toe.

All the materials we utilize in our tactical boots are Waterproof!Reliable Tactical Boots

Details about our Tactical Footwear

Currently, we have a line of 10 tactical boots available for purchase online, many of these boots are discounted well. Every Boot you see is available for both Men and Women. Our tactical boots come in black, brown and tan and all styles are available in 6″ and 8″. We are a lighter, tougher, more flexible, adaptable and comfortable footwear option on the market today and people everywhere are lacing up their ALTAI™ boots, join them on the adventure and conquer life – one well-protected step at a time with quality tactical footwear on your feet.

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