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Apr 09, 2016

ALTAI™ Tactical BootsWhen deciding on a pair of boots to invest in, it is important that you have options. When you’re not able to compare the footwear that you are looking at, you can’t really tell which style fits you best. We are all built differently, so there will never be a time where one type of boot fits everyone perfectly. At ALTAI™, we understand the need for our customers to have options when it comes to investing in tactical footwear. Whether you are looking for on the job boots, military footwear, or boots for hiking and camping, we have tactical boots that are sure to fit your needs.

Tactical Footwear Options

Unfortunately, some boots on the market do not hold up well or are simply not comfortable. At ALTAI™, we have taken the time to design a truly comfortable and reliable tactical boot that keeps you protected no matter what comes your way. Our design team has come up with a diverse number of tactical boots including:

  • Military Boots – Whether you are looking for a low cut or a military boot that covers most of your lower leg, ALTAI™ has you covered. Our military boots range from 6” to 8” in height and currently come in 4 styles.
  • Tactical Boots – Our tactical boots are extremely durable and lightweight compared to other tactical boots on the market. Additionally, we offer leather and non leather tactical boot options ranging from 6” to 8”.
  • Hiking Boots – Your feet should be the number one priority when hiking. Your body can only go as far as your feet, showing just how important investing in comfortable and long lasting boots is when hiking. Our two 6” hiking boots provide a truly unique waterproof experience and do not have to be worn in. Your feet will feel less fatigued in these boots, thanks to the instant comfort technology that ALTAI™ tactical footwear provides.

SuperFabric® Technology

One thing that is for certain when investing in any of our tactical footwear, is that your feet will be protected. By implementing SuperFabric® technology in all of our boots, your feet will have the protection of armor plates while still feeling comfortable after a long day on the job or hiking.

The amount of time spent on the design of our tactical footwear at ALTAI™ really shows when you dive into the detail of our boots. If you are ready to invest in tactical footwear that protects, provides comfort and lasts, then look no further than tactical footwear from ALTAI™. Give us a call today at (800) 806-2611 or visit to learn more about our wide selection of boot options.

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