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Dec 27, 2014

ALTAI™ Tactical BootHave you hit your breaking point? Are you sick of buying a new pair of tactical boots every few months. Frustrated because you have not been able to find a reliable pair of tactical footwear that is long lasting and high in comfort? Well, you do not have to search any further, ALTAI™  Tactical is exactly what you have been looking for! A company committed to exceeding customer expectations in every facet of tactical footwear, we are convinced that once you try our superior tactical footwear, you will be hooked.

Tactical Footwear Features

ALTAI™ knows that in order for our tactical footwear to be competitive in the market, it must have certain features. Well, we did not stop at just meeting the standard, our quality tactical boot features comfort, quality, and technology that can not be matched. Our key features include:

  • Boot Upper – This section of the ALTAI™ tactical boot rises above the ankle providing support and protection.
  • Use of SuperFabric® – Material used in the boot upper combines the use of cloth and armor plates. This unique feature brings comfort to the consumer, while still being protected. SuperFabric® is commonly found in motorcycle apparel, and is even used by Ferrari.
  • Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate (EVA) Midsole – When creating our footwear, the understanding was that these boots would be developed for those that needed to wear the boots every day. The EVA lightweight material used is also found in running and athletic shoes.
  • Vibram® Soles – Arguably the most important feature of tactical footwear is the outsole because that is what determines if your boot will be long lasting or not. These Vibram® soles are highly resistant to slipping, non marking, lightweight, and durable.
  • Boot Last – Our boots do not need to be broken in. They feel just as good on the first day than they do six months later.
  • Waterproof – Unlike our competitors spray on chemicals that are not truly waterproof, every material used in our tactical footwear is fully waterproof.

So instead of buying those same pair of tactical boots every few months, invest in tactical footwear that lasts! Shop for ALTAI™ Tactical Boots online today or call us with any questions at (800) 806-2611.

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