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Tactical Boots with Speed Lacing

Mar 04, 2016
Women's Tactical Boots Buying Guide
ALTAI™ Boot w Speed Lacing

Zipper Speed Lacing added by customer Daniel Lugo‎

It is the start of your workweek, and you are lacing up your boots for a long day ahead on the job. As you lace up your boots, you realize just how long it takes you to get a good tie down. A few hours into your workday and you look down to see that your laces have become untied. The long lacing process begins again. Unfortunately, this is an accurate portrayal for some people when it comes to lacing up their boots. Not only is it too often a long process, but a lot of boots on the market struggle to stay tied for an entire work day. At ALTAI™, we took notice of this struggle, and made it a point to create a speed lacing system that simply cannot be matched by our competitors.

Get to Know the Speed Lacing System

Faulty laces could cause you to lose important time on the job. For instance, our law enforcement officers rely heavily on their feet to capture criminals around our community. An untied boot can slow you down and be the reason that a criminal gets away. Our dedicated staff has created a speed lacing system that keeps a tight hold on your boots for an entire workday. Our figure-eight lacing method keeps your boots as snug at the end of the day as they are when you first put your ALTAI™ Boots on.

Benefits of Speed Lacing

  • More Efficient on the Job
  • Stronger Hold and Support
  • Decreased Tying Time
  • Rustproof
  • Lightweight
  • Long Lasting

Speed Lacing for all Markets

Our speed lacing system doesn’t just help out law enforcement officers. Hikers rely on a strong lacing system to ensure that their feet get the necessary support needed to explore all types of environments. Military personnel have to quickly react to life or death scenarios, so the last thing that they want to hold them back is their lacing system. Individuals that spend time in wet environments need their lacing system to stay in tact even when coming into contact with water. With ALTAI™, our speed lacing system exceeds the competition and helps make our tactical boots an all around boot that elevates your productivity instead of holding you back!

Say goodbye to the boots that keep unlacing when you need them most. Team up with ALTAI™ today and purchase our multi dimensional tactical boots with our speed lacing system. Visit or give us a call at (800) 806-2611 to learn more about this top notch boot with an elite lacing system.

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