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Tactical Boots That Can Survive Alaska

May 21, 2015

ALTAI™ Boot in AlaskaSome of the toughest climates and terrain in the United States reside in Alaska. Not only are the temperatures brutally cold, but the environment can wear you down quickly. Arguably the most important body part to keep protected in a place like Alaska is your feet! That is where ALTAI™ comes into play. If you live in Alaska, or plan to have some one-on-one time with the wilderness in this area, now is the time to invest in ALTAI™ tactical boots. These highly advanced boots provide comfort, protection, waterproof functionality, and are long lasting to top it off! Don’t put your faith in your old raggedy boots that you bought from the local discount store. Invest in your feet today by purchasing tactical boots that can survive Alaska.

First Hand Experience

Mother of three and a devoted wife, Early began blogging about living life off the grid in Alaska. By off the grid, this means that they live with no electricity, no gas, as well as no running water. Heating and cooking all occur around a wood fire. Early and her family truly live in the wild, and it is important that they stay protected. One way that they stay protected is by investing in ALTAI™ tactical boots. Recently our tactical boots arrived and we were ready for them to put the boots to the test. At first, Early had a concern that they were too light and would not be able to withstand the Alaska terrain. Quickly, her doubt was erased thanks to the exceptional durability these boots provided. The area that Early and her family live in is very wet and muddy. Her work requires her to constantly be on her feet, and thanks to the ALTAI™ tactical boots, she did not slip at all on any wet areas. On top of the performance aspect of the boot, Early was also impressed with the look of the boot as well. Overall, these boots proved that they can survive Alaska!

Actual Blog from Off grid Alaska:

Other Features of our Tactical Boot:

  • SuperFabric® Upper – Provides armored protection while still being comfortable to wear.
  • VIBRAM® Soles – Allows for a long lasting boot life for years to come.
  • Speed Lacing System – You only have to tie your shoes once a day, and they remain tight 24/7.
  • Waterproof – Truly a waterproof boot as each part of the boot is able to repel water.

So, if you live in Alaska or plan to explore the area soon, ALTAI™ tactical boots are the only boots to bring along. Give us a call today at 800-806-2611 or visit to learn more about how our tactical boots outperform the competition.

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