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Tactical Boots Easy To Care For

Mar 27, 2015
Women's Tactical Boots Buying Guide

The care and maintenance of Tactical Boots can be a lengthy chore if you are committed to having professional looking boots. Nylon and all-leather boots require cleaning techniques that may take up to half an hour for the pair. The ALTAI™ Tactical Boot is designed for a professional appearance in less than 1 minute. The Quality Materials work together seamlessly for Easy Clean convenience. In fact there is a 30 second YouTube video that demonstrates just how easy it is to simply clean them up with water from a hose.

High Quality Boot Materials

Tactical boots can be made of numerous materials that require an extensive clean up routine. Design engineers at ALTAI™ put their heads together to incorporate High Quality Materials that clean up like a breeze. All you have to do is hose them off with water and you are done! Its really that easy to clean and maintain ALTAI™ MF Tactical Boots every day. For special occasions you have the option to polish the leather toe.

Easy Boot Cleaning Features

What can be better than high quality tactical boots that can handle all types of climates and conditions are clean up with ease? Each rugged feature is engineered to withstand the elements and maintain that professional – right out of the box – appearance.

  • SuperFabric® boot upper
  • VIBRAM® outsole
  • EVA midsole
  • Polishable leather toe
  • Rustproof metal eyelets

Simple Boot Cleaning Technique

Don’t waste your time with brushing and scrubbing your nylon or all leather tactical boots. ALTAI™ Tactical Footwear provides the simplest cleaning technique around. You no longer have to buy multiple products or bother with lengthy cleaning chores. The waterproof aspect of ALTAI™ tactical footwear allows you to turn a hose on them and have dirt, mud, snow, sand and dust wash right off in a blink of an eye. Our boots are built to repel water and dry quickly.


Rugged Easy Care Tactical Boot


Stop wasting your valuable time with brushes and chemicals used to clean and maintain your tactical boots. ALTAI™ took the hassle out of the equation. The ALTAI™ Tactical Boot is engineered with quality materials that can take a beating and come out looking great day after day. You simply hose them off with water and they are ready to go back to work. The Easy Clean aspect is just one reason why our tactical footwear is gaining traction as a rugged, comfortable and durable tactical boot.


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