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Oct 01, 2015

Survival BootAre you a lover of the great outdoors? If you spend any large amount of time outside, you must understand that compromising on quality boots is out of the question. Avid outdoor survivalists will often argue that footwear is one of the most important elements to surviving the outdoors. If you are looking for survival boots that can provide comfort and also protection from all different elements, ALTAI™ tactical boots are the right choice for you.

The ALTAI™ tactical boot has been thoroughly researched to provide outdoor enthusiasts with superior materials integrated into an intelligent design that is the world’s most comfortable, durable, and still lightweight tactical boot. ALTAI™ gear has done its research and worked hard to meet the needs of the market. We have listened to what matters most to our consumers and applied it within our brand.

Shock Absorbing Cushion Technology

When you are on your feet all day, it’s important that they stay comfortable. The midsoles of our boot do an excellent job in maintaining comfortability and absorbing shock. We use a material called Ethylene-vinyl acetate, EVA, that is waterproof, shock absorbent, protects from sharp objects, and is light weight. So march on backpackers, your feet will stay as comfortable as when they first began their journey.

Advanced Grip Technology

Slipping and sliding on a muddy surface is not something that our survivalists worry about with these boots. We have tested the ALTAI™ tactical boot in all different terrains and climate conditions. Grass, ice, mud and snow are no match for the rubber outsole that the ALTAI™ tactical boot is made with. VIBRAM® not only protects against sliding with its advanced grip technology but it also has an anti-clogging feature. This reduces the buildup of mud, dirt, and other debris that you may find in the outdoors.

Waterproof Technology

Do you know what gets under our skin the most? When companies advertise “waterproof boots” by spraying a temporary chemical that is easily washed off. The ALTAI™ tactical boot is made with actual water resistant material that protects the upper, midsole, and outsole of the boot, making it truly waterproof. So, even if you waded in ankle deep water all day long, no matter how long you are in contact with water, our material will repel and resist the absorption of liquid.

So if you love the outdoors and plan on spending any amount of time enjoying it, invest in a pair of ALTAI™ tactical boots. Not only will they keep your feet safe and dry, the comfort that your body will feel after a long day on your feet will be priceless. For more information or to order your boots today, call us at (800) 806-2611.

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