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Streicher’s is an ALTAI Retail Partner

Mar 29, 2016

ALTAI™ boots at Streicher’sChoosing a retail partner to carry our ALTAI™ tactical boots is never easy. The goal is always to find a retailer that has the same amount of drive and commitment to customer service as our team does. In December 2015, we felt like a kid on Christmas when we developed a retail partnership with Streicher’s. Instantly we felt a connection with this retail partner and they have yet to disappoint. So, if you are ever in the Plymouth, MN or Milwaukee, WI areas and are in need of tactical boots, stop by the Streicher’s retail store and try our ALTAI™ boots first hand!

Get to Know Streicher’s

In just a few short months, our partnership with Streicher’s as a retail partner has been invaluable. They have been extremely instrumental in helping us with the shift of our ALTAI™ tactical boot sales from direct sales to retail distribution. Streicher’s has been a retailer since 1953, so it is evident that their business model works. With a focus on serving public safety professionals, Streicher’s offers only the highest quality gear and tactical products on the market. Whether you are in law enforcement, the military, or need some high quality tactical boots for hiking, stop by the Plymouth, MN or Milwaukee, WI Streicher’s locations and try on a pair of our ALTAI™ boots. At Streicher’s you always get the personal attention that you deserve the minute you walk in their door!

ALTAI™ Benefits

Streicher’s has bought into the benefits that our ALTAI™ tactical boots can provide public safety professionals. Some of the benefits that are attractive to Streicher’s and other ALTAI™ users includes:

  • Boots at Streicher’s SuperFabric® Technology – When you are on the front line in the military or while protecting your community, your feet need to be protected. Thanks to our SuperFabric® technology, your feet will stay comfortable and will have armor plate protection along the boot upper.
  • Long Lasting Sole – VIBRAM® has built a reputation for developing long lasting soles. When developing our tactical boots, we wanted to incorporate VIBRAM® soles so that our ALTAI™ users would be able to keep these boots around for the long haul.
  • Waterproof – With mother nature being so unpredictable and public safety professionals not always knowing what type of environments they will enter on a given day, having a pair of waterproof boots is very important. At ALTAI™, each material used to create our boot can repel water, creating a truly unique waterproof system.

In the same way that Streicher’s puts their faith in our ALTAI™ tactical boots, we put that same faith in them as a retail partner. With our partnership being in the early stages and the impact they have already had on our organization, the future looks very promising for this partnership! If you are in the Plymouth, MN or Milwaukee, WI area and are in need of reliable tactical boots, visit Streicher’s and purchase a pair of ALTAI™ tactical boots! Give ALTAI™ a call at (800) 806-2611 or visit to learn more about this great retail partnership!

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