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Reliving Your Favorite Camping Trip with Priceless Wildlife Recordings

Apr 22, 2020

Today’s blog post is brought to you by our fabulous blogger and outdoor guru, Katlyn Spade.

Sleeping under the stars can boost your mood, improve your health, and even helps develop critical social skills. Those who love camping know the joys of breathing in fresh air around the clock and eating deliciously grilled meals. Many also appreciate getting up close and personal with local wildlife. Just as you would prepare your sleeping and cooking gear, you might consider packing the right equipment to record the sounds of the forest and the wildlife that’s all around you.

Do Your Research

If you enjoy roughing it, you also understand that camping can provide a whole host of new activities in the great outdoors. From reading books in a hammock to taking a long hike, the options are endless. Recording wildlife sounds is an activity suited for all ages and interest levels. Whether you get your family involved or you prefer to record alone, keeping an ear out for a coyote howl or a rare bird’s mating call can be a real thrill. Catching it on recording makes it even more special, so you can relive the sounds later on. Spend some time ahead of your trip researching the wildlife that will be out and about in your area. Consider purchasing a local wildlife guidebook to learn more about the rituals and schedules of the animals. For example, some might be best to record at night, and others might not yet be out of hibernation. 

Packing the Right Gear

When checking marshmallows and bug repellant off your packing list, don’t forget to include the equipment you will need to record wildlife. From wind protection to headphones, you’ll need a variety of items to catch the sounds you want. Do your research and find out exactly what you need and how you need to pack the gear to keep it safe. There are many perks to recording outdoors, and today’s technology ensures that you never have to sacrifice quality to get the wildlife recording of your dreams. You can even record on your smartphone, utilizing specific apps to improve sound quality.  

Respect the Wildlife

Recording the sounds of wildlife to enjoy after your camping trip doesn’t mean intruding on their space. From deer to bears, birds, and rodents, all animals have a right to safely enjoy their homes in the woods and mountains before you arrive, during your camping trip and after you leave the scene. Remember you are entering their home, so it’s important to show respect. It’s also important to keep your safety top of mind when spending time outdoors near wildlife. Never sacrifice your well-being or that of another camper to get a recording. Also, don’t venture into unmarked, unsafe territory to capture a sound. Follow all campsite rules and regulations, regardless of what might be rustling over yonder.

We share our planet with many species of crawling, climbing, flying creatures. To spend a day or night near animals under an open sky is a gift. Recording their sounds can be quite an adventure, and you’ll be transported back to the experience every time you listen to their calls, grunts, and squeaks.

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