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Product Review of ALTAI Boots in Action

May 05, 2016

Tactical FootwearThis day in age, product reviews have never had a greater impact on business success. Before the internet, it was a lot harder to find reliable reviews on products that you were interested in. Now, reviews are posted on company websites and can easily be found on search engines as well. When it comes to quality tactical boots, hearing reviews from individuals that have truly tested boots is very important in the purchasing process. At ALTAI™, we are proud of our tactical boots and encourage individuals to provide reviews on our footwear in action.

Ben’s ALTAI™ Boot Experience

Ben, an avid explorer, traveler, hiker and lover of the outdoors tested our ALTAI™ tactical boots. His issue before trying our boots was that he had never been able to find the perfect pair of boots. One pair would be too heavy, while another wasn’t waterproof. Consistently, he would come away disappointed in the performance of various boot brands. Then he tried tactical boots from ALTAI™. The key characteristics about our reliable tactical boots that impressed Ben the most included:

  • Lightweight – The first time he saw our boots online, he expected for them to be bulky. To his surprise, our tactical boots were extremely light. To Ben, they felt like he was wearing regular athletic shoes.
  • Lacing System – Ben was very impressed with how easy it was to take on and off our ALTAI™ boots. Our speed lacing system is like no other boot, making the process of putting on your boots much easier.
  • The Perfect Fit – The ankle support was most impressive to Ben as he had ankle issues in the past. Ben felt like these boots fit him perfectly thanks to this support along with instant comfort.
  • Breathable – Just like in clothing, breathability in boots is very important to Ben and many others. During Ben’s adventures in his ALTAI™ boots, his feet felt great the whole time and they never felt too hot.
  • Waterproof – For outdoorsman like Ben, keeping your feet dry is a necessity. Not only are our ALTAI™ tactical boots waterproof, but they also dry very quickly.
  • SuperFabric® – The use of SuperFabric® material in the ALTAI™ tactical boots impressed Ben. He loved the added protection, comfort, breathability and flexibility that the SuperFabric® in our boots provided.
  • Reliable Sole – The VIBRAM® soles highly fascinated Ben as he referred to the soles as being perfect. Our soles are waterproof, shock resistant, lightweight and thick, which helped Ben on his outdoor adventures.

Ben put our ALTAI™ tactical boots to the test in a real life experience and had nothing but great things to say in his product review. Our boots gave him the comfort, reliability and protection that he had never experienced before. If you are ready to put our ALTAI™ tactical boots to the test, give us a call at (800) 806-2611 or email to learn more!

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