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Planning a Weekend Hiking Trip

May 29, 2020

When you want to be out in nature more, you might decide to go on a hiking trip at some point in the future. Hiking can be fun and refreshing, giving you a chance to take a break from constant media consumption and appreciate the complex beauty of the plants, animals, and landscapes you see firsthand. Prior to going, though, you should spend some time in preparation. Carry out these steps as you are planning a weekend hiking trip.

Select the Destination

Choosing your destination should be among the first actions you take, since this can affect other details of your preparations. Find some new hiking spots within a distance that is reasonable for you to travel to over a weekend and read reviews about them online. This will give you an idea of what to expect at various places and help you to narrow down your choice. Try staying at a familiar or less intense hiking spot overnight at some point before going on a more extensive trip, just to get the feel for it. You might miss certain considerations when reading about hiking trips, but you’ll have a better understanding of what you need or want for a trip with some experience under your belt.

Plan out the Details

It’s not enough to just pick a location and go, even after familiarizing yourself with camping overnight. You also need to plan out the details of the trip to make sure everything is in order and that everyone is kept safe. Think about specifics, such as the exact route you will follow over the course of the trip, who will be going, the time you’ll start out, and when you expect to come back. Share these points not only with each person in the group you’re going with, but also with people who are staying behind back home. Should any emergency or unforeseen circumstance occur, those people will be ready to help. If you don’t return at the expected time, they can try to contact you. Failing that, they might call the authorities to check that you are not in danger.

Get Your Supplies Together

Getting together the physical supplies you will need is crucial for planning a weekend hiking trip. Remember the survival essentials like food and water, which you will inevitably need to sustain yourself while hiking. It is always smart to bring a first-aid kit and some form of navigation, such as a map and compass, to deal with accidents and help you to stay on track, especially if you lose cell service for your GPS. You can ensure comfort and avoid problems by wearing the right clothing as well. Put on sturdy, waterproof outdoor boots that are made to provide support and traction on all kinds of terrain. Wear clothes that wick away sweat since you’ll be doing a lot of exercise and bring layers and a waterproof jacket according to the weather. With all this, your hiking trip will likely be a success since you’ve put so much thought into it.

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