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Packing Tips for a Hiking Trip

Jan 11, 2021

Getting active in nature is one of the best things you can do for your mental and physical health. Going on a hike is a great way to get outside and get active. Hiking is fun for everyone because there are many different places to hike, so you can choose a trail that best fits your experience level. Regardless of how experienced you are, being safe and comfortable is essential to enjoying a hike. Being prepared before setting out on an adventure is advantageous because it sets you up for an enjoyable and worry-free experience. We put together a guide with essential packing tips for a hiking trip, so keep reading to ensure your next hike is a success.

Essentials and Tools

When packing for a hiking trip, it is important to pack your essential items first. Packing these items first ensures you do not forget them, as they are essential to your safety. Packing your everyday wallet is a good idea because it has everything you need. This wallet should include cash and a form of identification. You should always carry these items with you in case of an emergency. This goes without saying but be sure to bring a cell phone on a hiking trip. Bringing a portable charger is a smart idea as well. If you wear glasses, make sure you bring an extra pair of glasses or contacts for emergency use.

Packing a few tools is a smart idea because you never know what could happen. Many phones have a flashlight feature, but you should still pack an actual flashlight with you. Don’t forget to check that it has batteries before packing it. Bringing a flashlight ensures that you will be able to see whether your phone is working or not. There are also various multitools on the market which makes it possible to carry several essential tools in a compact way.

Food and Drink

Even if you are only planning a short hiking trip, packing food and drink is essential. It is common to sweat while hiking, which means your body is becoming dehydrated. Packing a water bottle is important because dehydration can cause various uncomfortable symptoms. Forgetting to hydrate while hiking is easy to do, so packing a water bottle acts as a reminder to stay hydrated. If you are planning a long hiking trip, it is smart to invest in a water filter system or water bottle that filters the water itself. This ensures that you will have clean drinking water wherever you go.

Hiking is a form of exercise because you are moving your body. Like any exercise, you need to have energy. Energy comes from food and water, so be sure to pack these things with you. Having a few snacks for energy is smart because it is hard to keep going when you don’t have energy. Packing food for your hiking trip ensures that you have the nutrients necessary to complete the hike. Since you don’t want to lug around a cooler, it is smart to pack a few snacks to eat while on the trail. A few examples of food to pack includes energy bars, nuts, or jerky. These are great options because you can easily eat these snacks on-the-go.

Health and Safety

When packing for a hiking trip, take a minute to consider what you should bring to stay safe. A first-aid kit is an essential item that should be in every hiker’s bag. You can purchase fully stocked first-aid kits at most stores or online. A typical first-aid kit has bandages, antiseptic wipes, safety pins, and gauze. Hand sanitizer is another essential item. Don’t forget to pack your medication and inhaler, too. Sunscreen and bug spray are also important items you do not want to forget.

There are many reasons to start a fire during a hike, such as creating warmth and cooking food. Packing something to start a fire, such as a fire-starter log, is something to consider. You should also pack matches or a lighter to start the fire. Whether you are planning on having a fire or not, it is smart to have matches on hand.


Bringing something for navigation is one of the most important packing tips for a hiking trip. You might be thinking that the map on your phone is good enough, but that simply is not the case. A phone can lose battery and die, leaving you stuck with no form of navigation. Packing a map and compass is essential to your safety as a hiker. Anything can happen when hiking, so it is important to have all your bases covered when it comes to safety. You can also bring a GPS or altimeter watch for navigation. Although technology is helpful, it is not always reliable. Bringing a physical paper map and compass ensures that you can find your way—even if your phone dies.

Clothing and Shoes

You should bring extra clothing to protect yourself should the temperature change or an emergency occurs. Bringing a hat, gloves, and a lightweight jacket is beneficial. You should also pack sunscreen or a hat for sun protection. A long sleeve shirt will protect your arms from the sun. A long sleeve could also protect you from bugs, so packing one in your bag is a smart idea.

The clothes and shoes you choose to wear have a major impact on your hiking trip. If you wear the wrong shoes, you will have a difficult time enjoying your hike. Investing in hiking boots is smart because you will be on your feet throughout the entire hike. It is important that you are comfortable. You might be tempted to wear leisure shoes or sneakers, but hiking boots ensure that your feet are protected and comfortable during your hiking trip.

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Packing Tips for a Hiking Trip

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