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Must-Have Gear: Essential Items for Police Officers

Mar 04, 2021

Police officers have a responsibility to protect. They wear a uniform and carry equipment that’s designed to keep them safe while on the job. There are many other things police offers carry with them to ensure they are prepared for anything that happens. This guide explains the must-have police gear every police officer should have.

Hand Sanitizer

Since this guide explains the must-have police gear and essential items for police officers, let’s start with sanitation. It’s hard to think of a time when there wasn’t hand sanitizer everywhere. In today’s world, almost everyone carries hand sanitizer. The pandemic made sanitation a priority to many people, but police officers have been doing this for years. Police encounter many people every day. It’s important to apply hand sanitizer after touching another person, another object, or another vehicle. Police officers also carry hand sanitizer because they’re on the road most of the day. Many police officers eat their meals on the go, so it’s important to have hand sanitizer.

Another item many police officers carry are wipes. Sometimes police officers are in messy situations—literally. Having some wipes to clean hands, gear, or other items is important. Any wipes work if they can clean a surface. Anti-bacterial wipes are the ideal option.

Water and Snack

Police officers spend a lot of time on the go. Officers respond to calls and patrol for most of the day. Since things come up that are out of their control, they may not have time to stop and eat. One of the best pieces of advice for police officers is to bring water and a snack with them. If they cannot stop for lunch, at least they have a snack to hold them over. Police officers must be ready for anything, so they shouldn’t be famished, as this could affect their ability to perform.

It’s extremely important for police officers to stay hydrated. Dehydration causes many symptoms including fatigue, dizziness, and confusion. A police officer must stay hydrated to avoid these symptoms. Since police officers must be ready for anything, it’s important to hydrate throughout the day.

Digital Camera

This might seem like a random item, but it’s smart for a police officer to carry a digital camera. Although phones have a camera, a phone is still considered a personal item. If a car accident occurs and there is damage, the police officer must take pictures. Those pictures are important because they help determine who is at fault. If a police officer has a digital camera on them, they can take pictures of the accident.

It’s important that the camera takes high-resolution photos so that everything in the image is clear. It’s also important that the camera has a good battery life. Since the police officer brings the camera with them daily, the camera needs to hold a charge for hours at a time. Another important feature is flash. The camera must have a good flash so that police officers can take photos at night.


There are many reasons to call the police. Police officers respond to crime and car accidents, so they must be prepared for anything. Since it’s impractical to carry around a bunch of items, a multitool is essential. Multitools are great for police officers because they’re small enough to fit in their pockets. Multitools are helpful in many situations. Most multitools have a blade and screwdriver, among many other features. It’s important that the multitool can cut through anything, so make sure it’s a high-quality multitool. This is helpful because it’s small enough to carry on the belt or in the pocket. A multitool allows police officers to have the tools they need without carrying too much weight.


Police offices work through the day and night, so it’s essential that every officer has a flashlight. Flashlights are multifunctional because they also double as a weapon. Therefore, police officers’ flashlights are typically large. The flashlight a police officer carries must also be high-quality, and it’s important that it can light up an entire room. It’s also important that the flashlight is rechargeable.

Medical Kit

Sometimes police officers must face dangerous situations. There are situations where weapons or bodily fluids might be present, so a medical kit is a piece of must-have police gear for every officer. There are compact medical kits available that are small enough to wear on the belt. If a police officer is shot or suffers from bleeding, immediate care is necessary. The kit should contain gauze and gloves. If someone is bleeding, it’s important to put gloves on immediately. Nitrile gloves are ideal. Try to avoid latex gloves, as some people have latex allergies.


Since police officers spend a lot of time on the road, it’s beneficial to have a pair of sunglasses on hand. Police officers must be careful when they drive. The sun creates a flare, which makes it hard to see the road at times. It’s beneficial to have sunglasses on hand to ensure that police officers can see what they’re doing on a sunny day. Sometimes, police officers must chase an individual by car, which means they must weave in and out of traffic. The sun can make it difficult to see, so sunglasses help combat that issue. Police officers must also go through red lights and busy intersections. To avoid the blinding glare of the sun, it’s smart to wear sunglasses.

Comfortable Boots

Police officers are on their feet for most of the day, so comfortable boots make for the best law enforcement gear. Boots provide support to the foot and ankle, so it’s beneficial to invest in a high-quality pair. At Altai®, we offer lightweight combat boots that are high-quality and comfortable. Our boots are also waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about wearing wet boots during a shift. The YKK® zipper makes it easy to get boots on and off. These boots are 8’’ tall, so they provide ankle and leg support. They are also stain-resistant, so you can look polished from head to toe. The Patented SuperFabric® material is durable, lightweight, and breathable. Give our boots a try, and you’ll quickly realize why they’re considered the best police gear for officers on the job. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call. We are more than happy to help answer any of your questions.

Must-Have Gear: Essential Items for Police Officers

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