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Inside ALTAI™: Why Vibram® Puts the ‘Soul’ in our Soles

May 08, 2018

There is little doubt that a quality, rugged boot must have a top performing outsole. Whether you are trudging through dense forest or chasing criminals in the concrete jungle, the outsole is one of the first components in your footwear that will attest to its worthiness.

This is why we use Vibram® outsoles in all of our boots. From hunting to law enforcement, professionals who demand extreme durability and performance, we trust the best in the industry to conquer a wide variety of terrain and conditions. Our hiking/trekking focused Vibram® outsole is designed to keep you light on your feet; anti-clogging lugs reduces mud, dirty, and debris from weighing your boots down.

The vulcanized rubber that Vibram® offers have extreme traction for wet, messy environments. Originally invented to vastly improve footing for mountain climbers, Vibram® remains the most used sole in the industry. Over the years, Vibram® soles have evolved and, now, with an impressive variety of outsoles for every condition, we are proud to partner with a component that always strives for absolute excellence in outsole performance.

Vibram® best-in-class outsoles are coupled with our custom designed last to provide, not only a durable boot, but a durable boot that fits like a glove. Every boot is designed by a ‘last’ which has been specifically engineered to prevent that nasty ‘break-in period’, common for many, fresh-out-of-the-box boots.

For more information, visit our website and learn about the full features of the ALTAI™ boot line.

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