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How To Remove White Bloom on Hunting Boots

Oct 17, 2022
How To Remove White Bloom on Hunting Boots

The rubber parts of boots will often experience “white bloom,” an ashy streaking on the shoes. Humidity and changes in temperature typically cause this blooming effect. Though not damaging, here are a few simple tips on how to remove white bloom on hunting boots.

Remove Excess Dirt

The first step to cleaning your hunting boots is to remove any excess dirt. You can begin by taking your boots outside and banging them together to allow the extra dirt to fall to the ground. This process will eliminate the larger debris and chunks of mud that may be stuck on your boots.

Mix Soap and Water

Mixing soap and water is the next step to cleaning your hunting boots. First, take an empty spray bottle and fill it with water, adding a tablespoon of dish soap to the mixture. Shake the bottle thoroughly, then spray the mixture onto your hunting boots. Avoid spraying any liquid inside the shoe, as it will be challenging to dry them. Once sprayed, let the mixture sit on the shoes for three to five minutes.

Clean With Cloth

The next step in the cleaning process is to clean the boots with a cloth. Once you have let your boots sit for about five minutes, take a clean cloth and wipe the soap from the shoes. Start from the top of the boots and work your way down to the soles. Make sure to rinse the cloth as needed.

Scrub the Soles

Scrubbing the soles of your hunting boots is the following step. The soles of your shoes tend to hold the most dirt, dust, and debris, so you will need to clean them thoroughly. Use the same soap and water mixture in your spray bottle and a scrub brush to begin cleaning your soles. Apply a few sprays of the mixture to the bottom of the boots and carefully scrub the soles until they are clean.

Let Dry

Next, you will need to let the boots dry. Take a clean cloth—not the same one you previously used—and dry any parts of the boot that are still wet or covered with moisture. Once you have dried the shoes with the cloth, let them air dry for a few minutes.

Try Olive Oil

If you are experiencing white bloom on the rubber parts of your boots, prepare some olive oil for this particular step. Use a microfiber cleaning cloth with just a dab of olive oil. Make sure to only use olive oil on the rubber parts of your hunting boots, or you could cause an oil stain on the fabric. Wipe away the white bloom with the microfiber cloth and olive oil in circular motions.

Now that you know how to remove white bloom on hunting boots, you can try the process for yourself. Check out AltaiGear for a fantastic selection of men’s and women’s lightweight tactical boots.

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