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How to Properly Care for Work Boots

Apr 01, 2020

Work boots are made to take a beating and carry you comfortably through all the physical demands of your job site. By having your feet well-protected and comfortable in your footwear, you can better concentrate on your tasks and do your best work without intolerable pain. You know that, even with the best gear on your upper half, you won’t perform well if your feet are not in a good state. Therefore, in order to better guarantee the well-being of you and your coworkers, you should know how to properly care for work boots. This way, they will maintain their utility for as long as possible and you will remain ever-ready to tackle the next challenge head-on.

Daily Upkeep

A lot of the wear and tear that your boots start to show over time can be greatly reduced by taking some time for their upkeep. You may be tired at the end of the day, but just setting aside some time to make small considerations can keep them in great shape. Always wash off the dirt that has collected on them. Shake your boots outside and then use some water from a hose to take off the rest of the grime. This simple action will keep the materials in good condition. ALTAI™ boots shed dirt and mud easily, so you should have no difficulties as you do this.

Where you keep your boots overnight is also important to consider. If they get wet to any degree while you’re working, you need to put them in an area where they will get proper ventilation. With the help of circulating dry air, the moisture in the work boots can evaporate when they’re not in use. Bacteria will thus be unable to proliferate in them and cause unpleasant odors that are hard to get rid of once they develop.

Deeper Cleaning

Eventually, you may have to clean your work boots more deeply. Luckily, the SuperFabric® material that ALTAI™ uses is inherently tough and low maintenance when compared to some other materials, such as leather. Before starting, take out the laces so that you can clean them separately in a bowl filled with soap and water. This will also help you to reach the small crevices that the laces cover when they are in the boots. Since SuperFabric® is naturally stain- and abrasion-resistant, you can just use a wet cloth or softer brush and detergent to get the outside as good as new.

Should you ever step in a deep puddle and get water pouring directly inside the boots, you can easily remove the insole and place them near a fan to dry them. Wipe their insides down to clean them as you did with the outer surface to finish.

As you can see, ALTAI™ makes exceptionally rugged work boots that don’t need too much delicate maintenance. If you need durable footwear for your work, check out our products today.

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