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How To Keep Your Feet Cool in Combat Boots

Aug 31, 2022
How To Keep Your Feet Cool in Combat Boots

If you work in a profession or partake in a hobby requiring combat boots as part of your uniform, then you know that keeping your feet cool and dry all day can be challenging. However, there are several helpful tips that can help you keep your feet from overheating in your boots while you wear them. Here’s how to keep your feet cool in combat boots.

Choose the Proper Boots

The first way to keep your feet cool in combat boots is to select the proper boots. If you want a pair of shoes that keep your feet from overheating, you’ll want to look for a pair that has a breathable material. There are many available boot options that offer sweat-wicking technologies and materials that allow your feet to breathe and stay cool while you wear them. With the right materials, your feet will stay cool all day long in your combat boots, so you should make sure to look for a pair that works for you and your specific needs.

Get the Correct Boot Size

Ensuring you get the correct boot size is the next way to keep your feet cool in combat boots. If you’re wearing boots that are too small or too tight, it becomes more likely that your feet will get hot and sweat more quickly, causing them to overheat in your shoes. If you make sure to purchase a pair of boots that fit properly, then your feet will have more room to move around and breathe inside your shoes. If you’re unsure of your correct shoe size, you can get your feet measured and fitted by a professional at most shoe stores near you. Understanding your shoe size will help you to ensure that your combat boots fit well and keep you cool while wearing them.

Wear Absorbent Socks

The third way that you can keep your feet cool in your boots is to wear absorbent socks. The proper shoes are just one part of the equation when it comes to keeping your feet from overheating throughout the day. You will also need the correct pair of socks to help your feet stay cool and comfortable for hours at a time. Microfiber socks are great options because they wick sweat away from the body and allow your feet to breathe while wearing combat boots. This is particularly important when you know that you’ll be doing some physical activities that will cause you to sweat more. You also want to ensure that your socks aren’t too tight, as that will cause your feet to feel restricted as you move.

Avoid Tight Laces

Avoiding tight laces is another helpful tip for keeping your feet cool while wearing shoes. If you tie your shoelaces too tight, that won’t allow your feet to get any air and may also cut off circulation to the feet. Therefore, you should always make sure that you are tying your shoes properly so that they are not too tight or too loose. When you tie your shoes in the correct way, you will be more comfortable while wearing them, and it will keep your feet much cooler in the long run.

Change Socks Daily

The fifth tip that is beneficial for keeping your feet cool is changing your socks daily. A clean pair of socks every day will ensure that your feet are clean and comfortable inside your boots. If you wear dirty socks, that can create a breeding ground for bacteria and even cause athlete’s foot. After wearing a pair of socks inside combat boots all day, your socks will get sweaty and gross, so you want to avoid wearing them again without washing them. You should always make sure that you are putting on a clean pair of socks before putting your boots on to keep your feet cool and clean.

Give Feet Time To Breathe

Giving your feet time to breathe is another tip for keeping your feet cool in your boots. If you wear combat boots to work, chances are that you have your shoes on for several long hours during the day. It’s a good idea to give your feet a break and give them some time to breathe at least once or twice a day. For example, if you have a lunch break at work, you can take your boots and socks off for at least 10 to 15 minutes to give them some time to air out and cool down. This practice will help prevent your feet from overheating in your boots and keep your feet and shoes from becoming smelly.

Let Your Boots Air Out

The seventh way that you can keep your feet from getting too hot is to let your boots air out. When you constantly wear the same pair of boots to work, they’ll accumulate sweat and moisture over time. If you put your shoes back on before they’ve had time to dry out all the way, you are creating a situation where bacteria can grow, and odors can occur. Therefore, you should leave your boots out every night to dry and air out before you put them back on the next day. You can even put a piece of newspaper in your boots to help them dry out more quickly.

Clean Your Feet Properly

Properly cleaning your feet is another tip for keeping your feet from getting sweaty and hot in your combat boots. Dirty feet are more likely to sweat and produce bacteria, which will make it difficult for your feet to stay cool and dry in your shoes. Therefore, you should ensure that you thoroughly wash and clean your feet every day before you wear your boots. Keeping your feet clean will help to prevent sweat, odor, and overheating inside your shoes. So if you want your feet to be as comfortable as possible, make sure to clean them properly.

Now that you know some helpful tips for keeping your feet cool in combat boots, you can use these tactics and techniques today. ALTAI™ offers an amazing selection of combat boots that have breathable materials to help keep your feet comfortable and cool all day long.

 How To Keep Your Feet Cool in Combat Boots

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