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How To Keep Your Boots Clean

Jun 29, 2021

Whether you use your boots for work, hiking, camping, or other activities, they eventually become covered in dust and debris. It’s vital to clean your boots regularly so they can be kept in great condition. Here are the steps that will teach you how to keep your boots clean.

Detach Shoelaces

The first step to clean your boots is to detach the shoelaces. This makes the cleaning process easier since it’s difficult to get under the laces when they’re on the boots. Clean the laces by placing them in the washing machine or cleaning them by hand.

Remove Dried Debris

The next step is to remove any dried debris. You can use a brush or cloth to gently wipe the dried mud off the boots. If you have a pair of waterproof outdoor boots, you can skip this step since the dirt should slide right off after being splashed with water.

Soap and Water

After you brush the majority of the dirt off the boots, you can begin the washing process. Get a bucket with warm water and soap and gently use a cloth to wipe the grime away. If you have to wash waterproof boots, carefully dunk them into the bucket to remove the dirt. When you finish wiping the debris away with soapy water, rinse the boots with warm water.

Dry and Repeat

It is important to remember while learning how to keep your boots clean that you dry the shoes after rinsing. Even if the boots are waterproof, it’s a good idea to dry them with a towel or cloth. Never let your boots or shoes dry by putting them in the sun or the dryer—or else they can become damaged, get cracked over time, and become faded. Drying your boots by hand is always the best route to take.

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