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How To Dry Work Boots

Oct 26, 2020

While you’re working, you may get your boots soaked walking in the rain or stepping through puddles. When this happens, you need to find an efficient method to dry them completely so they’re ready the next day. Otherwise, your boots can cause general discomfort and blistering. They may also come to contain bacteria that could cause feet infections. We show you how to dry work boots with three different tried-and-true techniques you can easily do at home.

Drying With a Fan

Air circulation aids the drying process because it moves water particles away from the wet object. Since this is the case, placing your boots in front of a fan can get them back into a wearable state quickly. If you want to know how to dry boots fast, learn this technique. Before you begin, take off the laces and foam insole, which you can place in a clothes dryer safely. (You should also clean your boots to prevent mud from damaging them as they dry.)

With this done, put your boots on top of a towel, which will soak up any water drips. Bend wires—such as hanger wires—into “s” shapes. One end will hook into the fan’s exterior frame while the other will hold the boots by their openings. This position will allow the fan’s air to blow inside the boots. Leave this arrangement with the fan on its high setting overnight. Your boots should be good to go come morning.

Drying With a Towel

Drying with a towel is suitable for thinner boots, so if you want to know how to make work boots last longer, this information is for you. As with the fan method for how to dry waterlogged work boots, you should remove the laces and insoles and clean your boots before starting. Then, take dry towels and stuff them into your boots. With the remaining part of the towel hanging out of them, wrap your boots completely. Place your boots like this in front of a fan and be sure to check on them occasionally until you go to bed. If you notice the towels are soaked through at any point, replace them with fresh ones.

Drying With Newspaper

This technique is almost identical to the towel drying method but utilizes newspapers to dry boots instead and forgoes the fan. After taking off the laces and insoles and cleaning your boots, stuff them with newspapers. Subsequently, you should completely wrap them with newspapers. Wait a few hours and replace the newspapers when they become drenched. Although this is more involved and may take longer than the fan method, the advantage of using this approach is your boots will maintain their form better since they aren’t hanging from wires. Moreover, leather boots won’t be in danger of drying excessively to the point of cracking if you learn how to dry your work boots correctly.

If dealing with cleaning and drying is challenging or inconvenient for you, consider getting waterproof construction boots from ALTAI™. Our boots are waterproof and quick-drying and will repel dirt easily.

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