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How To Determine Your Boot Size

Mar 11, 2021

Finding the correct size is only one of the important aspects to consider when looking for comfortable boots, but it’s obviously the most important. Boots are an investment, so it’s important that you get the right size. If you choose a pair that’s too big, your foot may slide around all day. If you choose boots that are too small, you may get blisters. Since you want to focus on the task at hand rather than how your feet feel, you should take the extra steps to ensure your boots should fit just right. We explain how to determine your boot size, so read on to learn more.

Don’t Assume Your Size

When you think about how to determine your boot size, you must be accurate. You should not just assume your size. Do not simply choose a pair of boots in the same size as your gym shoes, as the sizing may not translate exactly. You also shouldn’t assume that one boot fits the same as another. You must measure your foot before you buy new boots.

Measure Your Foot

You must measure your foot to determine your boot size. If possible, try to get your hands on a Brannock device—that’s the thing stores use to measure your feet. The Brannock device measures the length and width of the foot. If you cannot find one of these devices, you can also trace your foot with a pencil. Once you outline your foot, you can measure its length and width to calculate your shoe size.

Make sure that you stand up while you measure your foot. It’s also important to wear socks while you measure your foot. Try to wear the same socks that you will wear with your boots, as that will give you an accurate measurement. You should measure both feet as well, since one may be bigger than the other. If one foot is larger than the other, go with the larger size.

See Size Chart

Once you have the measurements, look at a size chart. Use the size chart that’s associated with the shoes you plan to purchase. It’s common for a company to offer one size for men and women, so it’s important to look at the size chart. Remember that if one foot is larger than the other, you should go with the larger size.

To wear our boots comfortably, we recommend men choose a half size down from the usual tennis shoe size, and women a size and a half down. At Altai®, we offer high-quality tactical performance boots. Our boots are lightweight, durable, and waterproof. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call. Let us show you why Altai® boots are the best in the industry.

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