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How to Choose the Right Work Boots for Your Job

Jun 19, 2020

On a jobsite where conditions can be potentially hazardous, what you wear can directly affect your ability to work. Of all the items you wear, your footwear is one of the most important because it provides the protection for you to walk safely and can prevent injuries that would leave you unable to perform your duties for a long period of time. There are so many boots on the market, however, which makes finding a suitable pair complicated. You can work your way toward mastery of understanding how to choose the right work boots for your job by remembering these points.

Know What Safety Features You Need

Different jobs will need boots with different safety features. Recognize which of these you cannot go without by reflecting on the kind of work you do or will be doing. If you lift heavy loads or come into contact with sharp objects, you will probably want a boot with a reinforced steel or composite toecap. If you work in areas with frequent rain or snow, you should get waterproof boots with slip-resistant treads. Electricians require boots that are nonconductive so that they do not get hurt by live electrical currents.

Consider the Temperatures You Work In

While it may not always directly hinder your safety, extremes in temperature can make working feel unbearable. Get boots that have extra insulation when you know that you will be working outside during freezing cold winters. Just as you layer up with thermal base layers and outerwear on the rest of your body, your feet need to be bundled properly to keep in the heat. For hot conditions, you should look for boot materials that are breathable so your feet stay cooler and drier. Nylon can ventilate your feet well when it is made into mesh, and the SuperFabric that ALTAI boots are made of allows your feet to breathe and keeps water from entering.

Think About the On-Foot Comfort

All those fancy features won’t amount to much if your boots just aren’t comfortable to begin with. That’s why knowing how to choose the right work boots for your job includes thinking about on-foot comfort. You need to size your boots so that they are snug and secure, but also not so tight that they’re constricting. Try on new boots later in the afternoon, since your feet swell over the course of a day, which could affect what size feels right. The insoles should also provide ample support and shock absorption when coupled with the rest of the boot’s construction. Those who have higher or lower arches than average should consider swapping out insoles fitted to their foot shape.

ALTAI is proud to supply waterproof construction boots that combine utility and comfort that is optimal for many physical work environments. Visit our website to learn more.

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