Law Enforcement BootLaw Enforcement personnel perform duties that require adaptability and skill in a wide variety of situations. The gear that they rely on must be up to the challenge also. A law enforcement officer’s footwear is an important component of the uniform that is also a part of the tactical gear. To be effective in performing its duty to protect and serve, tactical boots must provide All Day Comfort. Other important features include being Lightweight, Flexible, Waterproof and easy to clean with a polish-able toe. Secure speed lacing adds to the functionality of the innovative ALTAI™ MF Tactical Boots.

Original ALTAI™ MF Tactical Boot

When the engineers at ALTAI™ were asked to design a multifunctional tactical boot that could handle every situation that law enforcement got into, they designed the original MF Tactical Boot. These boots are gaining a following due to their innovative design and remarkable features. Since then, we’ve added more footwear to our lineup but all share many of the same key features.

  • All Day Comfort comes in the form of a Flexible, Lightweight and Breathable SuperFabric® upper along with the shock absorbing Eva midsole.
  • Durability is credited to the high-grade, Waterproof materials and precise manufacturing techniques.
  • Protectiveness is attributed to the Slash Resistant SuperFabric™ materials and the rugged Vibram® sole.
  • Professional Appearance is due in large part to the Easy to Clean, Stain Resistant materials with an attractive, Polish-able Leather Toe.
  • Functionality is enhanced with our Secure Speed Lacing system.

Engineered For Demands Of Law Enforcement

ALTAI™ MF Tactical Boots are a great fit for Law Enforcement Footwear. They are specially designed for all day comfort in ordinary and extreme conditions. Our engineers incorporated the latest technology into these surprisingly lightweight and durable boots. They left out no small detail in the innovative features when they made these boots waterproof, flexible, lightweight, durable, comfortable and functional with secure speed lacing and a polish-able toe.

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