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Fire Departments in South Korea Choose ALTAI™

Mar 16, 2020

Team ALTAI™ is pleased to announce that several fire departments in South Korea have opted to use ALTAI™ boots (model MFH200-ZS) to help them perform their heroic work. These fire departments serve populations totaling over 6.6 million people. We at ALTAI™ are proud to help these firefighters perform above and beyond to protect the public. We work tirelessly to live up to our slogan Born to Outperform™—and we aim to partner with more fire departments, law enforcement agencies, and others to help hardworking individuals all over the world outperform in their daily pursuits.

Our boots are perfect for tough work environments because of several unique qualities. We offer side-zip options on all our 6-inch and 8-inch boot models so that putting on and removing the boots is fast and efficient. Our Vibram® outsoles are industry leaders and offer maximum support and stabilization for tough environments. SuperFabric® is utilized throughout the boot to provide lightweight protection from water and abrasion, and it’s breathable to keep the feet cool and comfortable.


ALTAI™ MFH200-ZS, now serving fire departments throughout South Korea.


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