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Durable Light Weight Tactical Boots

Nov 03, 2015

Quality FootwearAs autumn is in full swing and the weather has already changed, it’s time to consider your choice in footwear. There are several different footwear options available to individuals who earn a living outdoors on their feet. For those that also enjoy outdoor sports like Hunting, Hiking and Camping, the choices begin to be more limited. Tactical Boots made by ALTAI™ Gear could be your best choice. Our tactical footwear is designed to handle extreme conditions while delivering on Light-Weight Protection and Durability. The ALTAI™ team gathered input from Military, Law Enforcement, Survivalists and Outdoor Sportsmen to determine which features were most important.

10 Important Features of Tactical Boots

Ten Features that stood out as being the most important when choosing which Tactical Boots to purchase included the following:

  1. Quality of materials – It all starts with a smart boot design and the highest quality materials. Designing a boot that isn’t up to the task just won’t cut it on our book. ALTAI™ choose to use a SuperFabric® boot upper, EVA midsole and Vibram® outsole based on their quality and performance.
  2. Comfort – Sore, blistered feet and foot fatigue can interfere with your ability to perform at your optimal best. When your feet hurt your body may compensate by moving in an unnatural way. This can contribute to joint pain, back pain and a bad day overall.
  3. Durability – Once you have chosen the best boots for wearing day in and day out the last thing you want to do is have to replace them right away. Advancements in boot technology have resulted in ALTAI’s tactical boots that are long lasting and very durable for use every day.
  4. Waterproofing – Keeping your feet warm and dry can be difficult if your boot’s water resistance fails. ALTAI™ Tactical Boots have waterproofing technology that goes from your toes to above your ankles. Walking through water, snow, rain, mud and slush are no match for ALTAI™ waterproofing.
  5. Sole – Good grip and traction are important whether you are working indoors where spills can happen or outdoors on uneven terrain. VIBRAM® outsoles provide stability with a non-marking, anti-clogging outsole.
  6. Laces – A secure speed lacing system allows you to lace up quickly. ALTAI™ tactical boots can be easily laced up and securely fastened in a matter of seconds.
  7. Support – The last of a boot determines the break-in time before it becomes comfortably conformed to the shape of your foot. ALTAI™ boots have a well formed last that results in a comfortable fit in no time.
  8. Protection – Feet need protection from scrapes, abrasions, puncture and so on. The highly protective SuperFabric® upper has tiny little armored plates adhered to a flexible base textile. Combine that with a VIBRAM® outsole for unbeatable protection.
  9. Stability – Whether you are hiking on rough terrain, walking on rebar or maneuvering through dense forest, stability is very important. Lace up a pair of ALTAI™ Tactical Boots and you are good to go on an adventure.
  10. Light Weight Construction – Nobody wants to be weighed down or slowed down by heavy boots. Lightweight boots are less stressful on your body and help to conserve your energy for the assignment at hand.

Lightweight Protection and Durability

ALTAI™ Tactical Boots have that unique combination of Lightweight Protection, Breathable Waterproofing and Flexible Durability. The high quality materials including a SuperFabric™ Upper, EVA Midsole and VIBRAM® Outsole provide your feet with comfort and stability for work or play.

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