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May 22, 2015

Highly Advanced Tactical FootwearStay cool all summer long with Breathable Tactical Boots from ALTAI™. Our technologically advanced, quality materials include SuperFabric® and VIBRAM® to provide comfort in the hottest weather. Our breathable footwear has a Versatile Design that allows you to wear them at work and at play. We added Waterproofing Technology that takes our Breathable Work Boot to a whole new level of performance. Whether you spend your day running on hot pavement, hiking in the desert or working in the sun, our breathable footwear is perfect for your outdoor adventures.

Breathable Tactical Boot

Our men and women in blue provide a service that is hard to repay. Days can be spent with many hours walking the beat on hot city streets. During the hottest days of the summer Breathable Tactical Boots are mandatory for keeping your feet protected, cool and dry. ALTAI™ MF Tactical Footwear is designed for outstanding performance and comfort in the most extreme conditions. The design utilizes quality materials like SuperFabric® textile that allows your feet to breath.

Breathable Work Boot

Work Boots are tasked with protecting your feet while on the job. Unfortunately, many work boots are heavy and uncomfortable to wear especially during the warmest months of the year. Finding a Durable, Lightweight, Waterproof and Breathable Work Boot that provides unsurpassed Protection may sound too good to be true. The design engineers at ALTAI™ Gear have managed to do just that and more with our line of Breathable Footwear. You can spend your days working and thinking on your feet without having to worry about your feet.

Versatile Design

Who says that breathable footwear is made work only? The Highly Versatile Design of the ALTAI™ footwear line takes your feet anywhere you dare to go. The quality materials are held together with durable construction. Each boot design at ALTAI™ provides you with the opportunity to go Running, Hiking, Hunting, Camping or play Frisbee in the yard. You choose the activity and we will engineer the perfect boots to make it a successful adventure.

Quality Materials and Durable Construction

The ALTAI™ line of Breathable Footwear utilizes Quality Materials and Durable Construction for unbeatable performance. Our team designed a Breathable Tactical Boot that can be used to keep your feet warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The very versatile design makes our Breathable Work Boot perfect for outdoor adventures. After a day of work or play, you can simply just hose them off and they will be ready to go on the next adventure.

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