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Boots for Men & Women

Jun 03, 2016

Boots for Men and Women

It’s a common opinion that life is better in boots, we couldn’t agree more! The kind of boots we live for are the ‘work hard, play hard’ type – one that both men and women can enjoy. Our entire line of tactical boots come is sizes for both men and women. The original black boot, the hiking boot, military boot, all of our tactical boots are sized for both men and woman. Our entire online boot selection is made with industry leading materials allowing our boot to be more lightweight, flexible, breathable, waterproof and comfortable than most other boot brands.

Waterproof Boots for Men and Women

Traditionally, footwear categorized as ‘waterproof’ just means that it can get wet and the protective spray creating a barrier between the water and material that will minimize damages. And it is only a matter of time before that waterproof barrier wears off. ALTAI™ Tactical Boots can’t just get wet, they are designed to get wet. The difference is our material. SuperFabric is an innovative fabric that has protective platelets covered with resin to add strength and durability. Believe it or not, the hybrid textile also creates full water resistance, will also allow your foot to breath and the surface is quick dry, so what did touch the water will dry fast. Never have to worry about soggy socks again, just be sure the water levels don’t go past the highest point of the boot.

Easy to Clean Boots for Men and Women

Everyday footwear should be resistant to stains, in a perfect world. It is your lucky day, the fabric used in our tactical boots is highly stain-resistant and easy to clean. Whether you just wear your boots hard or you’re prone to spills, investing in boots that can be hosed off and that are permanently resistant to stains makes life that much easier.

Lightweight Boots for Men and Woman

When you equip your feet for the day, you will be carrying them as much as they will be protecting you. There is no longer a reason to wear heavy boots, we have found a way to increase durability and decrease the weight of our tactical boots – all at the same time. Stop dragging your feet and blaming it on your footwear, it’s time to live life and love the choices you make in it.

Choose ALTAI™ your feet will thank you!

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