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ALTAI™ Toughest Jobs Spotlight: Tree Fallers

Jun 13, 2017

Some of the toughest occupations in the world are not the ones you always expect. Tree fallers, wildlife officers, paramedics, the list goes on… and so do the folks in these types of jobs. Today we spotlight tree fallers and the occupations that demand 110% from its workers and how we strive to improve every single step.

Tree Fallers – Chainsaws, sharp axes, broken branches, rock, and typically, some of the most untamed forests make tree falling an extremely rugged job; not for the faint of heart. While leather is a common material used to fend off these kinds of nasty, sharp objects, we all know how easily leather erodes under long-term, daily abuse. All it takes is one decent scuff and that’s the beginning of the decline of your work boots.

SuperFabric® materials change the game when it comes to long-lasting, durable work boots. With this futuristic level of abrasion and slash resistance, we were able to engineer a better boot, meant to thrive in these kinds of harsh environments.

Are you a tree faller or work in a similar rugged environment? We dare you to take the next step and experience the ALTAI™ Difference.

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