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ALTAI™ Toughest Jobs Spotlight: Paramedics

Jun 16, 2017

Paramedics – This group of amazing professionals definitely sit high on the list of people who rely on their feet to do their job. Staying calm under pressure, these men and women are trained to save lives in the trickiest, time-sensitive scenarios; every second counts.

The stamina of these fine folks is incredible and it has to be. Long hours and thousands of calls mean constantly thinking on your toes. Heavy gear is unacceptable in this occupation and we all know that over-use of lifting heavy feet can cause fatigue, sometimes, injury.

Combining Vibram® soles and SuperFabric® is our solution for a better-performing boot in the class of weight. Every pair, approximately 40 oz, have the lightweight feel of a sneaker but with the precision of a tactical boot.

Are you a medic or have a similarly demanding job? Consider our latest model, the MFT100-Z with it’s quick-action side zip. You can gear up fast when you answer the call and stay focused on the job at hand: saving lives.

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