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ALTAI™ Top Picks: Gear Reviewers

Jun 27, 2017

It’s that time of year. You’ve dragged out all your gear from the closet and are inventorying and testing how your gear is holding up. So, if you’re in need of a ton of new gear, here’s our Top Picks for Gear Reviewers, to help you find the best gear for your adventures.

Instinct Survivalist –

For the ultimate bushcraft expertise, Instinct Survivalist is a wealth of knowledge beyond your wildest dreams. From reviews on machetes to DIY advice on how to fashion almost any piece of wood into a survival tool, this blog can probably save your life. As far as product reviews, Instinct Survivalist doesn’t hold back. He gets down in the real world, the real wilderness, and pushes every product to its limit. Take a look at his review of our MFT100 boots:

The Smart Lad –

Hands-down, yes, The Smart Lad is your quintessential “geek at heart” when it comes to outdoor gear. Shawn Michaels, a Florida native, took life by the horns at a young age and decided to pursue his dreams: outdoor adventure. For someone who has rejected the “normal office job,” Shawn has developed a keen passion for finding gear that will not disappoint. Check out one of his reviews here:

Geek Prepper –

Combining the powers of geekery and preparedness, Geek Prepper has thought of everything and the gear needed when self-reliance is a necessity. Besides the knowledge-base of this survival resource, check out how real-world this reviewer’s attitude is when it comes to reviewing outdoor gear:

“If I’m going to review boots, I am going to live in them. I’m going to climb, slip, and stomp around for more than a day or two. When I review any gear, like a boot, I’m not trying to make the supplier happy. I am very clear about that right from the beginning… ALTAI™ didn’t even hesitate.”

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