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ALTAI™ Testimonial: Sean “SPYRO” Riggs

Nov 29, 2018
Women's Tactical Boots Buying Guide

It’s not every day we receive a testimonial quite like Sean “SPYRO” Riggs’. As an amputee paintballer and a remarkable athlete by any standard, we were ecstatic to hear the following, real-world experience with our boots on the field.

“Friday: I wore my currently daily boots to the event. They are from Walmart and are functionally doing what they need for the most part. I slipped in the 6-8” mud as well as had terrible traction.

Saturday: I wore my new 511 side zip boots bought as I was told they would do everything I needed. Water and mud got into the boot from the side zipper and traction was no better than the day before.

Now typically by the end of the day Saturday I am exhausted and participating on Sunday is tough on my body. When I got home sat night your boots were on my porch and my wife and I decided there was no better test run than this.

I opened the box and as before the packaging was well done and I was pleased to see the side zip. It took a bit to get my prosthetic into the boot which is typical with new boots but it did fit. The first thing we noticed was how high they went which was a positive both for support and the weekend’s mud. Again the large laces and steel eyelets made lacing the boots up easier for me.

The next morning it had started raining again and we set out. I immediately noticed I had better traction and grip on the ground. As I walked through the same mud as I had with two different pairs of boots the last two days I did not have the seepage as I had before. The boots were also slightly lighter which helped me to not be as exhausted. All this from wearing them just one day and for about 5 hours. I can’t wait to try them out more and be all that I am wanting to be on the paintball field again. Thank you.”

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