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ALTAI™ Spotlight: Philene ‘Queen Paintball Assassin’ Harte, Paintball Ambassador

Apr 03, 2018


“When I wear my ALTAI boots, I have mobility making it possible for me to push myself and feel safe and stable doing so. I wear them when I exercise, play paintball, or have a long day of walking/hiking.” – Philene ‘Queen Paintball Assassin’ Harte

We now turn the spotlight to another paintball ambassador and she will certainly leave you wondering: how does she do it all? As a doctor, mother, and business owner, Philene Harte truly exemplifies Born To Outperform™, and we are proud to sponsor such an inspiring, strong role model.

Philene, owner of Weltz Paintball, focuses on specialty safety paintball gear developed for women. Not only is she a mom (we all know how challenging this job can be!), Philene is also a special education advocate and helps families of children with special needs as Dr. Education Mom. From her early start with paintball back in 1999, Philene has evolved into one of the most sophisticated paintball players, using two pistols, which demands incredible accuracy. Her nickname, Queen Paintball Assassin, was born from her accuracy and intensity playing on the field as a pistol player. Currently, she plays with double TipX and occasionally MacDev.

On top of all this, Philene also sometimes co-hosts David ‘REAPER’ Justin’s radio show, ShootUSoon Radio, and is responsible for developing Ladies Night Paintball Radio (LNPR). You can catch her hosting each Sunday from 9 pm – 12 am.

So far, Philene has taken our tactical boots to participate in the paintball action in Texas, Florida, Chicago, Georgia & North Carolina! Sand, water, mud, grass, AstroTurf: she covers a wide range of terrain. You can follow her paintball adventures on her Instagram, QueenPaintballAssassin, that is, if you can keep up!


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