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ALTAI Spotlight: Donut Boy

Feb 21, 2020

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Tyler Carach (aka Donut Boy) accomplished more by age 11 than most. Many of you may remember Tyler from last November when he helped us deliver boots to officers during our National Boot Giveaway. In 2016, he used his own allowance money to buy mini donuts for some police officers at his local convenience store. When he noticed how much joy it brought the officers, he set his sights on a much bigger goal: thanking every law enforcement officer in America by giving them donuts and coffee. Donut Boy has since launched his own organization, visited all 50 states, and given out nearly 100,000 donuts, or ‘power rings’ as he calls them. Besides personally thanking so many police officers, he has helped to spread a positive message that we need to be nice to each other. Donut Boy is certainly an inspiration of ours; he even dreams of becoming a K9 officer himself one day (so he can have a dog AND help people).

ALTAI™ has partnered with Donut Boy to help spread his message and to help thank the law enforcement officers who protect us every day. Anytime our department approved boots are purchased, a portion of the proceeds go towards Donut Boy’s organization, I Donut Need a Reason to Thank a Cop. Donut Boy is a great reminder to all of us, young and old, to show gratitude and kindness whenever we can; especially to those who so often go underappreciated and taken for granted. So, this one is for you, Donut Boy, we raise a power ring and a cup of joe in your honor!

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