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ALTAI™ Pro Tip: What You Need To Know About Winter Camping

Nov 04, 2019

Winter is a special season to enjoy the Great Outdoors, especially if you go camping. Most people have given up on braving the cold, snow, and wind, so serenity and isolation are at their peak. Here are some important tips to keep in mind to ensure a safe, enjoyable time during this magical season.

Pack Down Sleeping/Tent Area

Before setting up tent like one would normally do in the other three seasons, pack down the snow on which you plan to set up your tent. Snowfall can be deceptively uneven so setting up your tent before packing down snow will result in lumpy, uncomfortable ground; not to mention the risk of damage to the foot of your tent.

Consider An Insulated, Closed Cell Sleeping Pad

An appropriate sleeping pad is the key to a good night’s sleep and important for retaining warmth. The usual inflatable sleeping pad can actually transfer the cold easily to your sleeping bag and a sleeping bag is only as good as it is warm. With the proper sleeping pad, you can minimize loss of body heat.

Pack Extra Hats And Gloves

You never know when a hat or gloves will get soaked for one reason or another. Bring a back up for your warm clothing so you have something comfortable to wear while drying out your wet stuff. Waterproof camping gear is always a plus and helps avoid having to dry everything too often.

Leave The Water Filter At Home

One big benefit of winter camping in the snow is not having to lug around your usual water filtration system. Just use your cooking equipment to boil snow for drinkable, usable water. Make sure to bring the water to a full boil as snow is not sterile.



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