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ALTAI™ Pro Tip: How To Clean ALTAI™ Tactical Boots

Apr 20, 2018

With the extreme conditions you put your feet through everyday, a durable boot that cleans easily is a must. We believe a durable mud-covered boot is only as good as its ability to look fresh and new. So here’s our ALTAI™ Pro Tip on how to get our boots so clean, that mud puddle over the weekend can be your ‘dirty little secret.’

How To Clean ALTAI™ Tactical Boots:

1). Expose your ALTAI™ boots’ outer grime to running water. (Be sure to avoid getting water INSIDE your boots!) Under the utility sink faucet will do, but for the nastiest messes, a garden hose will easily take away mud and dirt. Preparedness expert Geek Prepper has demonstrated that with his pair of MFT-100s. Thanks to our key boot feature, SuperFabric®, your boots will clean up easily under high water pressure and remain dry on the inside.

2). For dried, caked-on mud, a soft brush under running water can help break up larger, hard-to-remove clumps. Be sure to test a small area of your boots with your brush of choice before fully scrubbing them down.

And that pretty much wraps it up! If it seems easy, that’s because you’re right! We’ve designed each ALTAI™ boot to be the easiest boot to maintain and keep looking good, adventure after adventure.

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