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ALTAI™ Photo Contest: Voting

Apr 14, 2020

The Altai Mountains are a mountain range in Central and East Asia where China, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, and Russia meet. The name translated from Turkic languages literally means “golden mountain,” which makes a lot of sense when you visit or see it in photos. Home to many large lakes, rivers, and diverse flora and fauna, this area has stunning sights to behold. These beautiful mountains are also the inspiration for the name of our ALTAI™ brand. We are proud to live up to our namesake by making boots tough enough for adventures through any outdoor setting.

A few months ago, INDY Guide reached out to us to collaborate on the ALTAI Photo Contest, and we knew the results would be epic. INDY Guide is a company headquartered in Switzerland that specializes in guiding clients on tours through the ALTAI™ mountains and other amazing places in several different countries. They offer life-changing opportunities for travel and adventure in underrated locations. Our contest challenged adventurers from around the world to submit their best photos of the Altai Mountains. Two winners will be chosen and will receive a free pair of ALTAI™ boots of their choice.

The top 10 finalists have now been selected and voting is in progress on the INDY Guide Facebook page. This is where you come in! Head over to their page and help decide the winner of this contest by liking your favorite photos. The two photos with the most likes will be the winners. Deciding finalists for this contest was incredibly difficult as there were hundreds of stunning photos submitted. You can see all the submissions for yourself here. We could not be more amazed by the photos submitted. Thank you to all contestants and congratulations to our 10 finalists. We cannot wait to announce the winners! Voting is open to the public until April 26. Have fun deciding your favorites—we promise it’s not an easy choice!

Photo Contest Finalists Gallery

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