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ALTAI™ Local Spotlight: Lake Phalen

Feb 28, 2020

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ALTAI™ 8″ Brown Waterproof Zip Up Hunting Boots Model: MFH200-Z

You do no need to wait until spring to enjoy the outdoors! Recently, Team ALTAI™ picked a sunny day to check out one of our local hiking destinations: Lake Phalen. Lake Phalen is in St. Paul and is one of the Twin Cities’ largest urban lakes with three miles of shoreline and an area of just under 200 acres. When we arrived, the lake was frozen solid and covered in about six inches of snow. It was chilly and windy, but the sun was shining bright. And we weren’t alone at the park; dozens of other people were there to hike around the lake’s wonderful walking path.


ALTAI™ 6″ Waterproof Side Zip Black Tactical Boots Model: MFT200-ZS

The ALTAI™ boots on our feet kept out the snow and ice as we hiked onwards. Since the sun was providing great light, we even decided to snap a few pictures of our favorite boots. Hikes like this are one of the best and most accessible ways to get outdoors and stay active. Luckily in Minnesota, we have enough outdoor and recreation areas to be enjoyed by all. So, the next time you’re feeling restless at home and the weather isn’t exactly acting like a tropical paradise, see if you can still find a way to get out and about. Nature is restorative, and many people do not spend enough time appreciating it. ALTAI™ is here to help; we have hiking boot options that will help you experience mother nature in all her forms. So, boot up, and get out there!


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