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ALTAI™ Lacing System: Gear Up Comfortably, Every Time

Jul 06, 2017

If your hiking, work, or general rugged boot doesn’t have that “perfect” feel, you might resort to some fancier lacing techniques. There’s the Heel Lock, the High Instep, the Granny Lock, and the list goes on. But we decided to build a boot that has a simple, straight forward lacing system that guarantees fast gearing up with a secured fit for extended periods of time.

To start, laces should be snug without being too tight. Our sausage link laces easily fit exactly in the gussets where they are supposed to; eliminating extra sliding and preventing loosened laces. Without any complicated steps, anyone can put on a pair of our boots and easily lace up for maximum performance and comfort. Bottom line: tie it once and you’re done.

We recommend securing an “anchor point” by tautly synching up the lower portion of the lacing system. Secure the base of the lacing system and then snuggly secure the laces through the quick-hooks to your preference.

If you prefer to have less “excess” when lacing up your boots, we recommend wrapping the laces back around the upper calf, top of the boot, parallel to the top quick-hook, and then bring the laces back to the front to tie your final knot.

At any time should you feel you are still not getting the right fit, the ALTAI™ team is always hear to find you the right solution; let us know any questions you have about our lacing system and finding the ALTAI™ Perfect Fit!

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