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ALTAI™ Hero Update: Tyler the Donut Boy Heads to Houston

Sep 05, 2017


We already know what an inspiration Tyler Carach, aka The Donut Boy, is to a multitude of communities. He has especially moved the law enforcement communities through his act of gratitude; thanking every cop he meets with a donut. But now, the Carach family are rolling up their sleeves and answering calls for help from the devastation of Hurricane Harvey.

Tyler and his family have been collecting goods to then personally hand off to hurricane first responders in Houston. This family of compassion will be traveling to Houston next week with the following types of items:

1. Bottled water
2. Healthy (easily kept) snacks ex: granola or protein bars
3. Baby wipes
4. New undergarments and socks for men and women (they get wet in the waters and they are very uncomfortable to work in all day…this was suggested by first responders who worked Katrina)
5. Hand soap
6. Hand sanitizer
7. Disposable gloves
8. Inexpensive goggles
9. Dust masks

For ways to donate goods to the Carach family for their trip to Houston, find more information on Tyler’s Facebook Page. In addition, we will be sending Tyler pairs of our boots to give to first responders who are in need of appropriate footwear. Keeping them safely and comfortably equipped is a top priority in saving others’ lives. Our thoughts and prayers continue for those affected by the unimaginable disaster.

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