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ALTAI® Boots: Lightweight Durability

Jan 01, 1970

At team ALTAI®, we are proud to offer unique six-inch and eight-inch boot models that offer high-quality attributes with the goal of improving the lives of everybody from outdoor enthusiasts to workers in harsh environments. The boots can be worn year-round; they keep out the snow and ice in the winter and are breathable to help keep your feet cool for long hours hiking or working in the summer. However, one of the things that impress our customers the most when they first try on the boots is how lightweight they are. In fact, when customers pick up their brand-new box of ALTAI® boots, they often wonder if the boots are even inside of the box.

Clocking in at an average of just 23 ounces (1.44 pounds) per boot, they are closer in weight to the average running shoe than the average hiking boots, which can weigh up to six pounds or more. While this may seem surprisingly light, fear not. We do not sacrifice quality, longevity, or protection to make these boots lightweight. ALTAI® boots are so light because they are constructed using SuperFabric®, which is a lightweight, breathable, water-resistant, and abrasion-resistant textile. It is fabric infused with thousands of hard, tiny guard plates that allow flexibility and comfort without sacrificing breathability or protection. SuperFabric® is lighter than other materials typically used to construct boots such as leather and can last longer, which means ALTAI® boots may not need to be replaced as often as other boots.

SuperFabric® Breathability

Making the switch to ultralight ALTAI® boots will give your feet an easier and more breathable walking experience. The most unique aspect of the boots is that while they are lightweight, they are also water-resistant, which is usually a trade-off with other boot brands. Water-resistant AND breathable?! Impossible. Wrong! Check out this experiment performed with SuperFabric® that proves it is both breathable and water-resistant. For more information on how SuperFabric® breathability/water resistance works, check out this statement from their website.


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