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ALTAI™ Backs the Blue

Mar 23, 2020

Here at ALTAI™, we have put all our efforts into making the best boots possible for a variety of applications. One of those applications is law enforcement, and we have four different options for department-approved boots. These boots were meticulously designed alongside law enforcement officials in our home state of Minnesota. They feature SuperFabric® uppers, Vibram® outsoles, a polishable leather toe, and much more.

We put maximum effort and care into the design of these duty boots so that law enforcement officers can depend on us as they protect and serve. Our department-approved boots provide law enforcement with a comfortable, durable, and breathable boot that can outperform in any season or situation. We care deeply about these law enforcement individuals, which is why we also offer generous discounts to them. If you are a law enforcement officer or first responder, call or email ALTAI™ today for more information to receive a 20% discount on your next pair of boots.

We salute our law enforcement officials in the great state of Minnesota, and across America. We owe these brave men and women tremendous gratitude as they lay their lives on the line every day to protect and serve the public. From the bottom of our hearts here at ALTAI™, we thank you.

Law Enforcement Officials: email or call 800-806-2611 to learn more about our law enforcement discounts.

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