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ALTAI™ Advice: Keep Your Hard-Working Feet Healthy and Happy

Aug 31, 2017


It goes without saying, but it is important to always remember that the first step to having healthy, hard-working feet is having the right, comfortable fit from your footwear. For more information, including sizing and fit, you can learn more about the ALTAI™ experience here.

If you stand at a station or a small work area, be sure to adjust heights of surfaces, depending on your needs. Bring things easier within your reach and prioritize by how frequently a piece of equipment, for example, is used in a day. Make sure when you are standing, you have enough comfortable room for proper posture and be sure to give your knees and legs plenty of space when seated.

Staying fit will also improve prevention of injury, especially long-term damage. Calf stretches are an easy way to keep limber and ensure use of full range motion. Calf ‘drops’ [] are a simple, effective way to strengthen and condition leg muscles key to these kinds of working conditions. In general, if your job demands your feet to perform, maintaining through conditioning will keep you performing at your best.

And lastly, don’t ever neglect signs of injury; see a doctor for more detailed information. Your feet at your most basic, necessary vehicle so take good care of them so they can return the favor.

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