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8 Reasons Why Enlisted Soldiers Wear Boots

Aug 04, 2022
8 Reasons Why Enlisted Soldiers Wear Boots

Uniforms are an essential part of the military. A uniform consists of many different components, including footwear. It’s important that members of the military have the proper shoes to do their jobs effectively. Boots are the chosen shoes for the military, and here are eight reasons why enlisted soldiers wear boots.


The first reason why enlisted soldiers wear boots is to meet regulations. The Department of the Army has a set of rules called AR 670-1, otherwise known as Wear and Appearance of the Army Uniform and Insignia, that lays out the rules for what enlisted personnel may or may not wear. This outline covers each part of the uniform from head to toe, including the soldiers’ boots. The purpose of these regulations is to create consistent professionalism and equality throughout the military. Therefore, soldiers are allowed to purchase their own boots for their uniforms as long as they comply with the AR 670-1 regulations.


Protection is another reason that enlisted soldiers wear boots. Soldiers have essential jobs that can often put them in the line of danger. Therefore, they need to take every possible safety precaution. Boots protect the soldier’s feet as they are working, rucking, traveling, and in combat. Members of the military also work with large machinery that can be very heavy, so proper foot protection is crucial. Deployed soldiers in the line of duty frequently have to navigate difficult terrain, and boots keep their feet safe as they do so. Without a proper pair of boots, soldiers would be more likely to suffer injuries to the feet.


The third reason that the military wears boots is for comfort. Soldiers will spend hours rucking and exerting intense physical effort, which puts a lot of strain on the body. Spending all that time on your feet requires a comfortable pair of boots. The good thing about AR 670-1-regulated boots is that they are fully equipped with features that have the comfort of soldiers in mind. For example, there are ankle pads made to support the ankle to decrease the risk of injury. If your shoes do not provide the proper level of support and comfort, you are more likely to deal with foot pain, soreness, and blisters.


Durability is another explanation for why soldiers wear boots. Soldiers need boots they can trust with all the physical activity required by their jobs. Therefore, it’s crucial for the military to wear boots that will stay intact for a long time, no matter the terrain they are traveling. Imagine if soldiers chose to wear any old shoe they could find. These other shoes would not stand the test of time in the way that AR 670-1 regulated boots would. It’s essential to have a durable pair of shoes for all the miles soldiers walk, ruck, march, run, and travel. Shoes that lack durability won’t be of much use to soldiers, so boots are the chosen option, and understandably so.


Another reason that boots are an essential part of the military uniform is because of breathability. As previously mentioned, soldiers spent an extended period of time on their feet. Not to mention, soldiers often spend time in very hot climates. Therefore, if your shoes are not breathable, your feet will experience a significant amount of sweat. Over time, this sweat will potentially cause rubbing, blisters, and athlete’s foot. Therefore, soldiers need a pair of boots that have a breathable fabric to avoid these frustrating and painful symptoms and conditions. As a result, manufacturers specifically design boots for the military with breathability as a priority.


Versatility is another important feature that enlisted soldiers need in their footwear. A soldier’s job requires many diverse responsibilities and skills, allowing them to complete various tasks for their role. Because of this, soldiers need a shoe that is versatile and can accommodate varying climates, conditions, and terrains. For example, soldiers often have to travel to different countries for their job and may be in very hot, arid climates or very cold, icy climates. That means that their boots need to be able to function well in a diverse range of conditions and situations. Whether a soldier is rucking in Canada, Brazil, or Kuwait, they need boots that get the job done in all scenarios.


Military boots also need to be slip-resistant. As mentioned, one of the main aims of a soldier’s boots is protection. One of the features of a boot that helps to protect members of the military from injury is slip resistance. Because soldiers constantly travel to different destinations with various types of terrain and weather conditions, it’s essential that the outsole of their boots provides resistance to slipping. Weather doesn’t stop the important work that soldiers have to get done. Rain, snow, and ice can all put you in danger of slipping and injuring yourself, so slip-resistant boots are necessary.


Hygiene is another reason that the military wears boots. Imagine doing the job of a soldier without shoes. Rucking for miles in dirt, mud, sand, water, or other various conditions not only could cause injury but could also cause you to become very dirty in the process. Therefore, military boots help to keep soldiers’ feet clean. If you don’t wear the proper shoes, you could experience infections from the various weather conditions and terrain you encounter. Military boots have a design that keeps a soldier’s feet and ankles covered so that they are not exposed to any of the outside dirt or debris. Thus, military boots help soldiers maintain good hygiene.

So now that you’re aware of eight reasons that soldiers wear boots once enlisted, you have a better understanding of the purpose behind this piece of the military uniform. Altai Gear Tactical Footwear offers a high-quality selection of lightweight combat boots that will be the perfect addition to your military uniform. These boots come with all the necessary features to protect your feet and allow you to do the important jobs required of you as an enlisted soldier.

8 Reasons Why Enlisted Soldiers Wear Boots

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