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Happy Armed Forces Day from the team at ALTAI™.

Bringing our week-long celebration to an appropriate end, we want to honor all of the branches of the United States military, on this day, Armed Forces Day. Many of us, including some of us at ALTAI™, know of or are close to someone in a branch of the military. Here are some honorable facts about our country’s military, and something to be darn proud of.

And there’s plenty more where that came from! Learn more about our mighty military and let’s honor the men and women who serve our Armed Forces this Saturday, May 20th, 2017.

Celebrating the US Coast Guard

Armed Forces Week

Our last, but certainly not least, branch of the armed forces that we are spotlighting this week is the United States Coast Guard. Yes, they are a part of the Armed Forces but unlike its fellow Armed Forces branches, it does not belong to the Department of Defense.

With around 40,000 members strong, the U.S. Coast Guard is almost as large as the New York Police Department. And it’s a good thing too; the Coast Guard does a wide variety of critical missions. They can range from Search and Rescue, aid to navigation, drug interdiction, to maritime security.

Also, the Coast Guard serves all over the world, not just on our shores. Locations include Bahrain Japan, the Netherlands, even the Arctic and Antarctica. So, let’s give a salute to the men and women who serve our country by keeping the waters safe.

Celebrating the US Air Force

Armed Forces Week

What would be Armed Forces week if we didn’t celebrate the United States Air Force? With its origins in the U.S. Army, branched off on their own in 1907. Being the only branch of Armed Forces that fought directly with the Soviet Union, you can bet these ‘boots in the air’ are some of the toughest people in the military. It’s also no wonder,

But it’s not just the airmen and airwomen that make this branch so dynamic. Most soldiers in this branch support the wide range of duties an air force base like guarding the base, rescue missions, and even construction of new airstrips.

So if you know a member of the Air Force, be sure to thank them for their services in honor of Armed Forces Week!

Honoring the US Navy on Armed Forces Day

ALTAI™ celebrates Armed Forces Week

Today we put the spotlight on the US Marine Corps, most known for their elite skills and ability to execute combined-arms task forces in a wide variety of combat situations.

The Marines are often known for their amphibious capabilities, but you might be surprised to know their first successful amphibious mission was completed during a weapons ambush on the British! Only weeks after being formed, the USMC was well on its way to becoming a well-oiled, well-trained, fighting, defending machine. Keeping with its dedication to best-in-the-world practices, soldiers of the Marines train regularly with counterparts from a variety of other countries around the world.

So here’s a salute to these dedicated, specialized soldiers; you’ll want to thank a Marine next time you meet one.

Each day, we will highlight one branch of the military that deserves recognition in honor of this coming Friday, May 20th, Armed Forces Day. Today, we put the spotlight on the men and women who serve the Army, perhaps the most well-known branch of the Armed Forces.

The oldest branch of the Armed Forces, even older than the country itself, is also one of the largest employers in the United States (only second to Walmart). With its early beginnings as various bands of scrappy militias, it now reaches impressive heights of influence around the world. In fact, if the Army was a US city, it would be the tenth largest, overall; that’s 158 installations, world-wide.

And tough? You bet! On 72-hour missions, 30 soldiers that make up an infantry platoon must haul 400 pounds of batteries to power equipment. And on the subject of tough, of course, we have to spotlight the infamous Rangers who pioneered the way for modern guerrilla warfare.

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