ALTAI 8″ Waterproof Black Boots Model: MFT200


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ALTAI™ 8″ Black Waterproof Boots Model: MFT200

Color: Black

    Extremely abrasion-resistant and durable; lightweight and flexible; stain resistant
    Instant comfort, fit, and feel (NO BREAK-IN PERIOD!)
    Hiking/trekking outsole for superior performance; anti-clogging lugs (reduces, mud, dirt, and debris in the outsole)
    Superior comfort; anti-fatigue; shock absorption
    Enhanced comfort (for long wear periods); additional ankle support
    Reliable durability
    Easy on, easy off
    Open eyelets at the top (for quick lacing on the go)
    Superior strength; solid hold
    Never comes untied!
    Enhances waterproofing; easy to clean
    Never creases


  1. Mary Gabin

    i love these boots.waterproof and comfortable.just wish they came in wide widths.

  2. Dragonar180

    Great boots except that the sole cracked, very comfortable and light, great for outdoors or security jobs

  3. Jacob (verified owner)

    These are some pretty great boots! I am now on my second pair of these. They have both held up fairly well considering they are my primary everyday footwear (even in summer). The bates combat boots I used to buy would wear out within a year of use but these have lasted me around 1.5+ years each, though the waterproofness did fail/wear out after about a year. They are very light, flexible, and breathable. They grip very well on almost any surface. I wish the side-zip had been an option when I bought them as that is the one thing I have really missed from my old boots. The price has also come down and made them an even better buy! I’m looking forward to getting a new pair with that feature!

  4. crickett76 (verified owner)

    I work at the airport and I’m pretty hard on my footwear. I usually have to buy new boots every 3-4mths and get inserts every month. I’ve had a ton of problems with my shins hurting and haven’t been able to find a good boot all around. I took a gamble after other friends recommending these and SO glad I did!! I haven’t had one problem with my shins and for once I’m not using an insert. I really like the way the boots hug my ankles and give me the support I didn’t realize I never had.

  5. 9j4

    Got my first pair around 2016. I came across these cuz I was looking for scuff resistant, and water proof boots for an urban setting: asphalt, heavy rain, and the slushy winters in canada to keep my socks dry.
    When they came out of the box, I noticed they were extremely light-I was afraid I got ripped off cuz I paid almost 300CAD for them in total including duty fees. I was wrong, it’s just really modular when you examine in detail.
    These definitely do well in the looks department:
    I noticed that people seem to compliment them, and even when they’re off, my friend’s roommate asked “damn those are some sexy boots, whose are they?”.

    It’s a good thing they come in wide cuz I can’t stand narrow footwear, otherwise the pain would get on my mind all day. The waterproofing held up for a good 2 winters, but water would enter where the boot creased on season 2-3. I think this wouldn’t have happened if I picked a smaller size. I normally wear 9.5US sketchers shoes, so I ordered a 10 as recommended on the site. My toes never reached the tip. Also, the inserting my heel in too abruptly damaged the inner lining of one boot so it would scrape at my heel till I had callouses, so I’d try not to force my foot in anymore.
    Out of the box, they grip very well on black ice-but they’re worthless after the third season and year and is more of a slip hazard than anything. I have good balance compared to most from skating, but another person would fall flat.
    They can be kept to look new as long as you hosed them down when you get home immediately because motor chemicals and thawing salt in the city during winter can accumulate and permanantly stain them which is exactly what happened to mines cuz I didn’t clean them at the end of the season before storage.
    I didn’t opt for the leather tip because it didn’t look as functional; I didn’t want to pay extra just to spend more time polishing it.

    Overall comfy, sexy, and light, but not a 5 star because I can’t be sure about the waterproofing part.

    pushed em to 4 years, 4 winters, they put up a good fight

  6. Shane Nielsen (verified owner)

    I ordered the MFT200 and the Black Traveler shoes. I have been wearing tactical/duty boots for probably 10 years, and wear them everyday and for everything, including hiking/camping, etc.

    The quality is outstanding. Very well made, but still light. The comfort of the insole, midsole and outersole is just awesome.

    My favorite pair of boots and shoes bar none! Better yet, the customer service of Altai is seriously second to none. Before I purchased the boots I called and without waiting on hold talked to them for at least 30 min.

    After the boots/shoes arrived, I called and discussed a question/concern I had for probably another 30-40 minutes. There was no rush and nothing but respect towards me and my concerns. All questions and concerns were taken care of. I can’t Say enough good about the company and the product. This is my new go to for boots/shoes. No other company has given me this kind of service, ever.

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