ALTAI 8″ Waterproof Black Boots Model: MFT100


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8” Multifunctional Tactical Boots

Made from top-performing materials that will exceed your expectations, our 8” multifunctional tactical boots offer something for every durable footwear–seeking professional.

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ALTAI® 8" Black Waterproof Boot Model: MFT100

Color: Black

    Extremely abrasion-resistant and durable; lightweight and flexible; stain resistant
    Instant comfort, fit, and feel (NO BREAK-IN PERIOD!)
    Hiking/trekking outsole for superior performance; anti-clogging lugs (reduces, mud, dirt, and debris in the outsole)
    Superior comfort; anti-fatigue; shock absorption
    Enhanced comfort (for long wear periods); additional ankle support
    Reliable durability
    Easy on, easy off
    Open eyelets at the top (for quick lacing on the go)
    Superior strength; solid hold
    Never comes untied!
    Enhances waterproofing; easy to clean
    Professional look


  1. Robert Knaack

    I wear size 11.5 normally, so I ordered size 11 and they fit just right. I wore these boots all afternoon doing farm work on a hot summer day and they were very comfortable. My feet tend to get hot, so I wore absorbing socks and didn’t have any issues with sweaty feet. I really like the fit and weight, and my feet felt very secure in these boots.

  2. Bryan (verified owner)

    4.5stars. This is my second pair after wearing the first pair for 12 months (which is 6 months longer than any other boot I have owned). The durability of these boots are fantastic, I am on my feet for about 9 hours a day and I probably could have gone another 3 months wearing my old pair but it was time to trade them in. The website is true, order a Half size smaller then your usually size. I just wish they offered a wide foot option, that would make me give the boot a 5star.

  3. Trooper C. (verified owner)

    I consider myself kind of a gear junkie, through and through. I’ve tried a dozen different boots ranging from the “top” quality Danner Acadia lead bricks, down to the lowest 5.11 ATAC Storms. I’ve had successes in some boots, typically Danner, but I’ve always wanted something that was both rugged and light. Ounces equal pounds when you’re in thirty or forty excess pounds of gear on your person. I figured a pair of heavy boots was as good as I was going to get.

    Somehow I stumbled on Altai. Everywhere I looked it was touted as the super boot to end all boots. I didn’t really believe the hype, but I figured I’d give it a try. I ordered one full size down, waited on my order for a few days, got the pair of boots in the mail, and I can say that I have never, never seen or worn a better pair of tactical boots in my career. Comfortable doesn’t begin to describe it. Usually I change out soles in my boots due to my flatfooted nature; not in these. I’m not changing a thing. Light, waterproof, durable, and pretty d*mn good looking.

    If you’re on the fence on these boots, do your feet a favor, buy them.

  4. John Smith

    4.5 stars
    I have had these boots for 6 months now. Took them through a horrible winter, with snow, ice, wind and temps down to 30 below. Never were my feet cold, even when it was far far below zero, and it was snowing and the wind was blowing. Took these boots through the woods, sank into the mud at least 2 inches above my ankle and my feet never got the hint of getting wet. Sprayed the boots off with a hose and that was all it took to clean them.
    The boots are extremely light weight, lighter than any other duty boot I have owned. The boots are also extremely comfortable and have some of the best support of any boot I have owned.

    There are only 2 negatives I have with these boots, the leather on the toe, scuffed quickly and easily. So if I have to make a formal appearance of some type polishing the boot toe will never look as good as it should or perfect. The laces these boots came with feel cheap and lousy. I much prefer a thin rugged boot lace, the laces in the boot were fat nylon and cheaply made.

    All and all these are by far the best duty boot for law enforcement, military, or any type of work that requires long hours on the feet, walking, chasing people through all types of terrain. I highly recommend these boots to anyone for any type of outdoor activity as well. With those 2 simple fixes these boots will be untouchable in my opinion in the boot world.

  5. Derek

    Altai boots are great. Beyond light weight, fully waterproof, and comfortable. I am on my feet for 10 plus hours a day. I have to have a boot that I can run, climb, stand, and endure all types of weather/terrain. Altai has made this boot for me. I have owned a boot from almost ever big brand boot company around. I have been disappointed every time, either by pain in my feet or just poor quality. Altai is the “Glock” of boots. I will give this boot 5 stars after I have worn the boot for a year. Great boot.

  6. Josh Thrasher (verified owner)

    I bought a pair two years ago, and I absolutely love these boots. They are light and durable and so dang comfortable. I am just now ordering a new pair, only because the grommets on my old ones are now showing as silver instead of black, and I’m finally getting some tearing in the toe’s leather that I can’t polish out. I have had many foot pursuits in these, walked many a miles, and toughed through mud and muck. They are for me the best boots I have owned.

  7. smm21787 (verified owner)

    I have had these boots for a month or so 16 hour days lots of walking standing wet grass and puddles these boots just are so comfortable I just can’t praise them enough but I did buy a second pair the shorter 6 inch

  8. bdreher

    These are some of the best boots I have ever owned. They are very durable with great traction, breathable, and waterproof. They are incredibly light which makes it easier when you are on your feet all day. I would recommend these boots to anyone.

  9. jkhomer30 (verified owner)

    I love these boots. They are light weight, breathable, and water proof. I’m on my third pair. They don’t hurt my feet like other boots. I’ve spend hours hiking in deep snow with these boots and my feet don’t get wet from the snow. Great all around boots.

  10. a.alberts9105 (verified owner)

    Excellent boots. I use them at work for 8 hours minimum per day and they are comfortable start to finish. No need for the zipper style either. I have the non-zipper style and it is extremely fast to put on and take off due to the top two lace hooks being open. The laces are excellent, they stay the same the whole day. I have worn them in sub freezing temperatures with thick wool socks and I did not have any issues whatsoever. I have excellent mobility and traction in them and they have no issues after almost 3 months of wear.
    I can see them lasting for a very long time.
    Keeps my feet completely dry.
    The boot tip also shines very well and can be a deep shining black very easily.
    Thank you Altai!

  11. archanglmikel

    My pair is taking a punishment and still kicking! certainly worth the buy.

  12. chris.majeski

    I have had 3-4 pairs of these boots in the past. I like the mission of Altai and that is why I purchased them in the past.
    My first pair of boots did not hold up well. I will admit I put them through the test of running, getting wet, hot, cold, uneven terrain and various other aspects of my job. The glue on the toe and heel started to fail. Altai replaced them with no questions asked.
    My 2nd pair had the same issue. Again, they were replaced. Because of their strong desire for customer service, I purchased an additional pair with a side zip. The side zip ones started to work well, but again had problems with the glue, especially in the heel and toe area. These issues came with about 7-8 months of use. They became unusable for patrol duties.
    Due to a new policy, I was not eligible for them to be replaced. I didn’t get a “registration card” in my newly purchased box, therefore the warranty was only 6 months. Altai did offer me 25% off my next purchase, but at this time I elected to try a different boot. Although my new boots are almost double the price, I have had zero issues. I am hoping to try Altai again in the future if they improve their products.

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