Waterproof Tactical Boots for Wet Environments

Waterproof Tactical BootsWater is a part of daily life, which is why it’s extremely important that the boots you choose are waterproof and water resistant. From hydration to cleanliness, adventure to relaxation water is everywhere, ALTAI™ tactical boots are made with waterproof materials, from the exterior to interior, the upper to the sole. The complex design of the ALTAI™ tactical boot combines highly innovative technology with an equal amount of quality that will last through rain, snow, swamps and deliver comfort and protection even when fully submerged.

Though the ALTAI™ tactical boot does feature a polish-able high quality leather toe, for appearance, its construction is made up of mainly non-leather materials. Leather is not waterproof or water resistant, by any means. When a boot claims to be waterproof or resistant but is mainly made of leather, it simply means the leather has been treated with a chemically based waterproofing solution. This will slow down the time it takes for the leather material to absorb the liquid. This treatment will fade in effectiveness over time and leave you with a vulnerable, leather boot exterior that will be damaged by any liquid contact and break down the boots integrity, very quickly. The worst part about the inevitable failure of leather is that it leaves you with a damp, soggy sock that you may be stuck in for hours, days, or in extreme cases weeks.

The ALTAI™ Tactical Boot Difference

Submerge the ALTAI™ tactical boot in water and your socks will stay dry and cozy, the boot will not absorb any of the water and the surface moisture will dry 10 times faster than leather. The reason for this outperforming result is due to the materials used on the ALTAI™ tactical boot. Each and every one of the components repels water, by their precise composition.

ALTAI™ Tactical Boot’s Waterproof Outsole:

The Vibram® outsole featured on the ALTAI™ tactical boot is rubber and doesn’t absorb any water, whatsoever. It also allows for extremely reliable traction, even underwater, for the safety of the user. It is both lightweight and durable, to provide mobility and protection against unforeseen hazards.

ALTAI™ Tactical Boot’s Midsole:

The midsole of the ALTAI™ tactical boot consists of EVA, a waterproof, durable and lightweight material that is commonly used as a shock absorber in footwear. This layer can also help with balance when on unstable ground and it protects feet from contact with sharp objects. As well as it increasing the comfort factor, while wearing the tactical boot.

ALTAI™ Tactical Boot’s Upper:

The upper of this boot gives maximum support and protection that extends well past the ankle. It’s made of SuperFabric® material that is breathable, waterproof, flexible and stain resistant. Armored plates allow for advance protection as well as air flow, that not only doesn’t absorb liquid but pulls away any perspiration that has developed from the user. And usually when armor is involved, added weight accompanies it but not with SuperFabric®, the material is actually more lightweight because of its advanced design.

Regardless if you’re trekking in the muddy rivers, swamps or caught in the rain, ALTAI™ tactical boots will deliver the results expected of a highly progressive, waterproof and resistant collaboration of materials.

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